Posted: June 12, 2014 in About Me
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Hello! I just created this blog and before I jump into a post I thought I should give a bit more detailed background about myself and this blog than my about section has.

Right now I have just finished up the first year in my PhD program- I am working on  a PhD in Social Work with a research interest in US social policy, violence against women, intersectionality, and more specifically my intended dissertation topic is on US asylum policies for women seeking asylum due to gender based persecution. One year of coursework down, 1 qualifying exam passed. Hopefully I will be finishing up the rest of my coursework this upcoming academic year and taking (and passing) my next two qualifying exams, then on to the dissertation!

While in school full time I also work part time, and do so while trying to manage invisible disabilities. It gets overwhelming at times, and in between all those things I am trying to also work in getting into better shape. It was in November that I moved into a new house (and am still working on unpacking!), which has also been great because I have space here for a home gym area which I eventually got set up with an olympic barbell and weight plate set,  bench, a power rack, a few dumbbells, and other miscellaneous things. I also have a hand-me-down treadmill that I still need to set up (though for the time being I have been running outside).  My mom told me once when she was over at my house that the most organized part of my house is my home gym area- this is probably accurate!

So this blog is here to share thoughts as I continue on with getting in better shape.

  1. DeShawn says:

    Wow I love the name of this Blog!!! Getting fit is so difficult, especially when faced with so many disabilities. Your research sounds so noble, I think the lord has blessed you will a great soul. I will pray for you and all of your goals. Have you accepted our lord and savior Jesus Christ into your heart?

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