Looking Good Naked

Posted: June 12, 2014 in Body Image
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So I am reminded of how people often say they workout to look good naked, or the saying I’ve heard a lot in fitness communities that skinny women look good in clothing but fit women look good naked. It’s a big issue for women, right? Looking good in clothing or looking good naked. It seems something a lot of women struggle with in terms of body image and self-esteem. We might learn to like how we look in clothing- with some spanx to smooth everything out, and wearing the right thing to hide this and emphasize that, stretch marks and cellulite hidden away, boobs held in the right place with a bra. We learn these ‘secrets’ about how to dress to look best and maybe we learn to like how we look in clothing, but naked is a whole different story. Or at least it seems such to me, that women typically really struggle with liking how they look when nothing is hidden away. When all those flaws are bared and visible, that’s a whole different ballgame.

And this has definitely described me. I’ve come a long way in terms of accepting and liking my body… with clothes on. With those flaw neatly hidden away. I’ll get dressed and look in the mirror and think “yeah, I look pretty good, with clothes on.” Whenever someone would compliment my body, I would think “yeah, sure, I look good in clothes. You wouldn’t think that if you saw me naked.” I felt like I looked completely different in clothing than out. Like what everyone else sees is such just some sham, a fake, not what I actually look like.

So it was pretty shocking the other day when I was feeling like I looked pretty awful, and I was looking in the mirror in what I was wearing for work I hated how I looked, and then I got undressed, in front of my full length mirror and decided I actually liked how I looked then. The curves of my waist, my legs, et cetera, all suddenly looked much better from my view. And while that thought may not last, it was pretty liberating in a way to see myself that way. If only we could all learn to really love our bodies, not just hidden under clothes, but naked even with all our perceived flaws out there.

  1. DeShawn says:

    Good for you! I remember how difficult it was for me to accept my body at first. I was always taught that the male body was disgusting and his member evil. But as the weight fell off I could see more and more of myself, and I could see how truly blessed the lord our God has made me. We are all beautiful in his eyes, and those that accept his love and grace into their heart will truly inherit his Kingdom!

  2. Tom says:

    wud lyke 2 see dat nekid body of urs I bet it luks pretty gud :^)))))

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