You don’t have to have a “perfect” body

Posted: June 12, 2014 in Body Image, Uncategorized
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So after my post yesterday about liking one’s body stretch marks, cellulite, and all, on facebook today I saw this: My husband doesn’t need to see your boobs.

And I just feel very sad for the author that she feels so negatively about her body and relationship. I’m certainly no expert on marriages, but I think you should know that your spouse loves your body and what you look like.

But also, reading her descriptions of pictures of women with toned bodies with no cellulite or stretch marks just makes me want to say- you don’t have to have a “perfect” body to wear a bikini, or post photos of you in it, or feel good about your body or those pictures! These aren’t things that have to be restricted to other women you perceive as having a perfect body!



I don’t have a flat stomach and I do have stretch marks and scars from surgery, but that doesn’t mean I can’t rock a sports bra and booty shorts… even if I do only wear it to workout at home by myself.

legs      skulls


And of course can’t forget some leg shots for this post- again, not thin or cellulite free, but still loving my legs.

Or check out this woman rocking a bikini after losing a large amount of weight. 

And this mother of four who wears a bikini, and explains:

“If there is one part if my body that should be able to do whatever the f*ck it wants, it is my mid-section. Four of the greatest people I know have lived there.”

No one has to have a flat stomach, be cellulite and stretch mark free or anything else in order to wear a bikini or any other article of clothing, look good, or share cute pictures.




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