Fitness and Body Image

Posted: June 17, 2014 in Body Image
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I’ve said this before, but I guess not here yet- working out makes me feel so much more confident in and comfortable in my body, and it’s not a factor of changing my body in any way.



Obligatory feeling confident selfie


It seems when people talk about working out and feeling better about your body it’s typically about losing weight or in other ways changing your body to something you like better. But I find that working out, even if it doesn’t result in any changes in my appearance, still makes me feel better about how I look.

I’m reminded of this after taking a few weeks off working out due to health issues and now getting back into working out regularly (lifting and running mainly). In the short period of starting lifting and running again it’s not like there are some immediate changes in my body, but I feel much better about it for sure!

Part of it is just feeling more in touch with my body and what it can do. Seeing the things my body is capable of doing makes me feel a lot better about it and how it looks. There’s also just something about using your body that connects you to the fact that it is your body. And I may be alone in this, but I actually love when my muscles feel sore from working out because of this. That sore, not really pain-pain, but just sore really makes me aware of and feel connected to my body.

This is one of many reasons I think we need to stop focusing on fitness as a means to change your appearance (usually losing weight). Let’s stop acting like the benefits of fitness begin and end at weight loss, and if you aren’t losing weight it isn’t “working”.  There are so many great things about working out even if you don’t loss any weight or drop any clothing sizes.


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