Training for the Zombie Apocalypse

Posted: June 30, 2014 in General Fitness, Uncategorized
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I actually was never a big fan of zombie fiction. I liked some zombie movies and all, but I really didn’t get the obsession some folks had with zombies and the zombie apocalypse.

Then someone told me about Zombies, Run!

For those unfamiliar, Zombies, Run! is a running app. Set after the zombie apocalypse you run missions for Abel Township and try to outrun zombies.

It’s a very fun, compelling storyline that makes walking or running a lot more fun.

After doing this for a bit, I’ve wanted to incorporate zombie related storylines into other areas of fitness for me. I just joined a group that has zombie training challenges and stories for running, weightlifting, yoga and some other activities. I’m excited to actually start it up.

I know there are some other zombie survival training guides out there, though I’ve yet to explore any much more.

But so far, I’m loving how fun it makes working out. There is something really fun about imaging the reason you are doing what you are is to survive in some apocalyptic future, lol.

I like fitness but giving it a little extra fun and storyline to it is even better!

Anyone else have any zombie related training plans they like? Non-zombie related stories that make working out more fun?



  1. S.Bear says:

    I’ve just started the strong lifts 5×5 and I’m using zombies, run on my off day to get my mile time back up. Should be a good time!

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