The Hardest Part of Chronic Health Conditions

Posted: July 2, 2014 in Disability

I’ve mentioned before that certain health issues of mine flare up at times. Well, now is one of those times. I can feel the fatigue and pain getting worse. Basically I have a baseline level for fatigue and pain and sometimes they get worse than baseline, sometimes, though rarely, they are actually better than my baseline levels. The fatigue and pain are pretty much always there, baseline is manageable for me though. And it got me thinking today about the hardest part of having chronic health problems- it’s the chronic part.

It’s how it never just goes away.

You get sick with something like the flu, it knocks you on your ass, you feel like shit, you can’t function. So you rest, you take medicine, and you get better. And then things are normal and ok again.

It’s completely different when it’s a chronic thing. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day, but I’m not going to be “better”, it’s not going away, and there will always be bad days again.

It wears away day in and day out struggling through the fatigue and pain. I also start to worry that people get sick of hearing about it. Oh, so you are STILL tired? Oh, you’re sick- again?

But despite how sick and tired I am of being sick and tired, and how tired other folks are of hearing about me being sick and tired, it doesn’t go away. It’s still there.

There is something and of itself exhausting about not having that light at the end of the tunnel.

  1. […] make up on, or my hair done in any way, and I realize just how sick I look. I mentioned briefly in my post on the hardest part of having chronic health problems that I’m basically always exhausted and always in pain. In varies in severity, but […]

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