Post-It Challenge Day 3

Posted: July 24, 2014 in Post-It Challenge
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My day 3 post-it:


I have beautiful eyes!


Or as a friend once described them-I have “expressive” eyes.


ok, so the color is photoshopped here, but still.

I thought today I should go back to the original idea of the post-it challenge- positive things about your appearance. And I’ve always really liked my eyes overall. Though if I overthink it I start thinking “I with my eyes were bluer” or “I wish my eyes were greener” (my eyes are a shade in between blue and green that can look very blue or very green depending on the lighting), or “my eyes are too small”, or “my eyes get too squinty when I smile”, heck at one time I was frustrated because my eyelids  seemed too fat to me. Yeah, the thing Daria made fun of for being so ridiculous, but I honestly felt that way.

Despite having long felt my eyes are one of my best features, stopping the negative nitpicking in my brain is still hard.

That all said, writing this post-it, and especially posting it here, felt a bit awkward to me for a few reasons.

First off I feel vain. So I had to remind myself the point of this. This is about neuroplasticity. About retraining my brain to see the positive, to cultivate self love, to work to put a stop to all the negative thinking I mentioned above. And I’m posting these online, here on my blog, for two main reasons; the biggest reason is to hopefully inspire some other folks to try this out and come up with things you love about yourself, and the second is to keep me on track with doing this. If I have to post it here then I have to do it everyday.

Also I feel like it’s wrong to go with something about my eyes, since “pretty eyes” is such a stereotypical fat girl compliment, right? “She’s fat, but she has pretty eyes!” Pretty eyes feels like the go to thing to compliment, about other or ourselves, when we don’t find the body attractive. So it feels like a bullshit thing to do for this. But as I said above, even when it comes to my eyes I still find things to nitpick about how they aren’t perfect. So it should still be fair game to include in a challenge that is meant to focus on the positive and stop the negative thinking.

Also- I’m allowed to like my eyes, dammit! And I can like my eyes and my body too, so it’s not weaseling out.


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