Sexism in Gym Memes

Posted: July 24, 2014 in Problems
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I was googling gym memes recently. I enjoy a few, such as:

A meme about squatting deep based on one of my favorite movies? Love it!

But of course in the course of looking up such, I found a lot of sexist memes.

Most of them fall i the category of saying that if women wear skimpy clothes, tight clothes, or makeup to the gym then they are clearly asking for men to creepily ogle them, or make sexual comments. Victim blaming at it’s finest! And we all know there is no other reason to wear tight clothing or skimpy clothing to workout in except to attract sexual attention. And of course also the memes that claim that if you wear tight or skimpy clothing, or makeup to the gym then you cannot possibly be there to workout.

… which certainly explains me working out in a  sports bra and booty shorts in my home gym by myself. I’m not really there to work out, I’m just doing it to get sexual attention from the nonexistent men in my basement. Obviously!

Because it’s not like tight clothing is comfortable and easy to move in without getting caught on things or bunched up when you are working out. And skimpy clothing couldn’t possibly serve a valid purpose of keeping cool. Nope. Only reason is to get sexual attention from all men in the vicinity.

Of course though, in reality, women know that it’s a damned if you, damned if you don’t. Wear baggy, raggity clothing with no makeup, with no regard for looking nice, and you are easily subjected to rude comments about that.

Anyone remember how folks reacted when Robin decided that she didn’t need to bother looking nice at the gym?

Of course that leads to the second mot common type of memes about women at the gym- images of attractive women in skimpy clothing at the gym that suggests that ogling women is the only reason men bother going to the gym.

Because remember, women exist purely to fuel men’s sexual fantasies, if you aren’t attractive you have no value. And if you are attractive, then you are just asking for rude sexualized behavior and comments.

And that’s not even getting into the body shaming in many. Because what’s the point of working out if not to make fun of other people’s bodies, right? And as I’ve already mentioned several times in this blog, everyone who works out always has the exact same body size/shape.

  1. Someone on FB recently put up a meme that said, “Sweat is fat crying.” I had feelings about that.
    Everything you said here is pretty on point. I work on a college campus, and yesterday morning, I watched two girls putting on make up and doing their hair – to go jogging. I really wanted to say something to them. I didn’t, but I was tempted.

    • ebay313 says:

      I hate the “sweat is fat crying” and also wishes that calories screams when you burn them while exercising- the assumption is that everyone only exercises to get thin, and exercise will always make you thin.
      (Which is funny in a way, is I notice that fitness folks will often say “exercise burns calories, so if you keep at it, you will lose weight!” whenever someone tries to suggest that you can’t tell someone’s fitness level by looking at them. But then when someone complains that the have been working out but still aren’t losing weight the same people will tell you that exercise alone won’t lead to weight loss, you need to fix your diet for that! So these people know that exercise doesn’t always lead to weight loss but just can’t get over needing to feel superior by insisting that anyone who doesn’t look like them must not exercise.)

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