So what are my goals?

I was thinking about this tonight, after a conversation online.

I posted that although I’ve gained weight, my clothing seems to be baggier, and I don’t like how I look in it and hopefully manage to afford smaller sized clothing that fits better soon-ish

The resulted in someone asking why I am gaining weight if I’m trying to lose weight.

I clarified that I am not trying to lose weight.  Which I feel like that should have ended there- you assumed my goal was weight loss, I clarified that it’s not. The end.

He continued asking “why not?” and a bunch of unsolicited weight loss advice.

But anyways, this got me thinking about what my goals are. We know weight loss is not a goal. Weight isn’t part of my goals in any way- I’m not trying to lose weight, I’m not trying to maintain my weight, I’m not trying to gain weight. My goals are simply not weight related.


My Fitness Goals

  • Get stronger/lift heavier weights
  • Run further and faster
  • Increase my flexibility
  • Try new physical activities
  • Utilize fitness for stress relief and overall mental health wellbeing

My Nutrition Goals

  • Eat nutrient dense foods
  • Eat enough protein to support my getting stronger goal
  • Eat foods that make me feel healthier

Of course these aren’t all my goals, because there is more to my life than fitness and nutrition, so on we go:

General Health Goals

  • Meditate more often
  • Get as much sleep as possible
  • Be aware of changes in my mental health and take action when needed
  • Take my medications, follow up with doctors, get necessary tests done, and whatever else is needed to manage my health
  • Have fun and do things for me to stay mentally well, including getting out of my house and doing things with other people

School Goals

  • Read more
  • Get As in all my classes
  • Do more research
  • Get Published
  • Present at conferences
  • Write in my research blog
  • Survive this next year (that’s not hyperbolic btw. I literally mean survive as in not die as a result of the stress this program puts on my health.)
  • Oh, and pass the rest of my quals.

That the shortened, basic version of it all. Also clean and paint my house.

I’d also say in a general sense that one of my goals is to NOT live my life around my weight. I want to just just live my life and be as healthy as possible without everything coming back to what I weigh/trying to lose weight. With the above lists, I have enough going on in my life, I don’t need to be obsessing about my weight all the time.

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