Meanwhile In Detroit…

Posted: August 14, 2014 in Uncategorized

Flooding in Detroit

So if you aren’t from the metro-Detroit area, you maybe don’t know we got hit with some massive rain Monday that caused flooding. I actually think this picture may be exactly what I drove through Monday on my way home from work (I saw someone taking pictures as I was in the backup caused by people going one car at a time through this flooding, so I’m wondering if this may be one of them since it looks right). If not, it’s pretty much the same. I imagine that shortly after I got through it they had to have shut that part of the freeway down because I barely got through without my car stalling and I’m sure someone soon had their stall and get stuck there and then folks can’t keep trying to drive through anyways.

So that was on my way home from work. After I got in to my house I hear what sounded like running water coming from my basement- not good!

It was not leaking down my walls or anything, nooo, the sewers flooded up into my basement. By the time I got home there was already about a foot of sewer water and it was still rising. I had boxes and boxes of stuff on the floor down there, that it was too late to move. Kitty Litter was on the floor (so now that got mixed in with the water! Ew!). I made one trip into the water to grab an empty kitty litter box down there and a sealed bag of litter so my cat could have a litter to use upstairs.

If you recall from my posts about my home gym- that is also in my basement. So that was also covered in backed up sewage.

So the water eventually went down but I’ve barely had a chance to get started on the cleaning. My water heater is also out, and I need to get the furnance checked, don’t know if my washer and dryer suffered any damage yet. Oh and my whole house still reeks from it!

At the same time as this I’ve been dealing with not having my phone working. Then my cat was acting sick. I’ve been ill, and all this stress is just making that worse. Work is stressful, and then I forgot I was supposed to be at a different office than usual Wednesday thanks to all this stress, a different office I can’t get to easily with freeways shut down, and I use gps on my phone usually but that’s broken…

It has not been a good week for me!

And I’m exhausted and still feeling sick.


That said, after I finally got home Wednesday I decided that I should go ahead and try to change how I’m thinking about all of this a little. So I posted on facebook a few things that came to mind that I am thankful for in all of this.

1. My car made it through the storms without stalling and getting drowned.
2. Even though my home gym is a mess right now, I had left my barbell up on the rack, not on the floor, so at least the (standard, oly) barbell was not effected by the sewage (ez curl bar was, but whatever. And I care about the barbell more than others, because it has the… how would you describe it? textured? metal on it, so I don’t have to worry about cleaning deep in there and if its trapping any little sewage particles in there.
3. My mom and uncle have volunteered to come over and help me clean.
4. My cat peed in his litter box, meaning i didn’t need an emergency vet visit due to him not peeing (very dangerous in male cats), and at least that time the pee was in the litter and not elsewhere in my house- apparently his reaction to the stress of the basement flooding was avoiding using his litter!
5. My cat was cuddling with me when I wrote the list (he’s cuddling with me as I write this blog post too. He’s a sweety!)

My aunt reminded me of another- as least I don’t live in the basement.

It sounds corny maybe, but honestly it does help me a lot to stop and refocus on positive things.


So right now I am still dealing with trying to get things fixed and the damage of this and all kinds of stress. I can’t lift until my gym area is cleaned. Trying to stay as positive as I can through it though.

In the meantime, might not be blogging much because this is kind of consuming my life.

  1. lozette says:

    Oh no!!!!! I hope you manage to get it all sorted out soon!

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