Corrected Fitness Motivational Posters

Posted: August 17, 2014 in Body Image, General Fitness
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Just found these: and I am loving them!


I love this one! Especially because it’s true. I mean, seriously? Has the person who made the original ever actually worked out? If it’s not getting easier, you are doing something wrong! The more you do a particular activity, the more your body adjust to doing that activity, the easier it becomes. This is why you start smaller and work your way up. You don’t expect to go from not running at all to running a marathon right away, you have to work toward it. You don’t start out deadlifting 1,000lbs, you have to work toward that. To say it doesn’t get easier suggests that it feels the same for someone who doesn’t run to get up and run a marathon as it does for a seasoned runner, or for any person to try lifting 1,000lbs. These are things that only happen when you train for them because activities get easier (and you can do more) the more you do it.

This one is also good, since it’s very true. This is also another reason you don’t try to run a marathon or lift super heavy right away!

The one about liking what you see in the mirror I would have corrected a bit differently, personally. Something like this:


Used myself a the “model” for this one. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again- I don’t believe liking what you see in the mirror comes from changing your body as much as it comes from changing your mentality. The ideal body we are fed day in and day out, for women in particular, is an impossible one. Literally impossible, even the models don’t look like that thanks to photoshop. As a result, there are always going to be “flaws” we can find if we look for them. What we need to do is stop focusing on what we perceive as flaws and start finding the beauty reflected in the mirror.  Doing so, we can learn (slowly) to like what we see in the mirror, no weight loss required!


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