Annoyed At Diet Motivation Talk

Posted: September 5, 2014 in Problems
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I get frustrated a lot with the crossover between fitness and dieting, and the dieting mentality folks take toward fitness. 

And I just need to rant right now about a post on another website:

“You will get a lot more compliments for working out than will for sleeping in.” 

This was alongside a bunch of other cliche diet/”lifestyle change” talk. 

I’ve been in a kind of irrationally annoyed at things mood today… well and yesterday. So a few days now, lol. So like most things this is probably pushing my buttons more than it should. 

But I don’t do any of that for compliments! I don’t do it for other people at all. I don’t care if other people approve or not, let alone if they compliment me on it. 

I workout for my health and because I enjoy it. Simple as that.

And I sleep in when I can for similar reasons. Because sleep is good, it is necessary to being healthy! I don’t sleep so other people can applaud what I’m doing, I do it for my health and well being. Which means it doesn’t matter if people don’t compliment me on it! 

Annoys me especially since I sleep more, on average, that most people. Side effect of health issues and fatigue problems. I sleep more than most people on average because I need to sleep more than most people on average in order to feel my healthiest. In fact, it’s a huge fucking struggle in my life getting enough sleep around everything I need to do on a regular basis right now. 

Which also makes me a bit overly annoyed at people who want to get judgmental about other people sleeping in. 

Fuck you for judging me for doing what I need to to be healthy! 

Which is the extra ridiculousness of mentalities like this that hide behind claims about being about health. If health is your goal, you wouldn’t be denigrating getting the amount of sleep your body needs to feel fully rested! 

Of course, I’m probably just extra annoyed at things right now because my sleep schedule has been totally off this past week! lol. 


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