On Finding Fat People Attactive

Posted: September 13, 2014 in Fat Acceptance
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So I just posted on how fat acceptance has nothing to do with demanding that people find fat people attractive, but I was thinking today, amused at how the folks who complain about this and make it all about attraction always assume everyone else must share their own preferences in attraction too. This such a common trope I’ve found- that fat women demand everyone find us beautiful (still not what it’s really about, but…), yet we will only ever date conventionally attractive men. And of course the assumption is men.

I’ve had a number of folks online ask me what I find attractive, clearly trying to catch me in my hypocrisy of demanding others find me attractive (except for how I’ve never done that) when I also would prefer thinner men. If I point out I’m primarily attracted to women, the assumption remains that I would find only thin women attractive.

And I just can’t help but laugh at this, when it is so far from the truth. Because I find many, many fat women incredibly attractive. To be far, I also find many, many thin women incredibly attractive! I don’t consider myself a fat admirer or anything like that, there is nothing about fat itself that I find attractive, I just find many fat women very attractive exactly as they are. I frequently find myself saying I don’t have a type that I’m attracted to, because I really don’t: short, tall, thin, fat, femme, butch, whatever it can all be very attractive to me.

Can be. This isn’t to say I find all people equally attractive. Of course I don’t, there are some people I’m just “oh, damn, they look good!” It’s just that what looks good to me for one person can be totally different than what looks good to me for another person.

So for all those who are so curious about my attractions as a fat woman- no, I don’t find thin women automatically more attractive than fat women. I also don’t find fat women automatically attractive than thin women.


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