Lose Weight So You Can Look Good In Your Coffin!

Posted: September 15, 2014 in Fat Acceptance

So awhile back I came across this video on youtube of a show called Superfat vs Superskinny. One of those shows about fat people and trying to get fat people to lose weight basically. Filled with lots of talk about how scary the obesity “epidemic” is. So be warned if you decide to watch it.

Let me summarize the part I want to talk about though for those not interested in watching.

In the beginning of the episode the show stats talking about obesity statistics, the usual, and then goes to interview someone at a funeral home to talk about how some people need larger caskets, and larger cemetery plot sizes due to their size, including talking about how in some cases funeral homes have had to remove limbs from bodies to fit them into the furnace used for cremation. And it ends with the host saying how he hopes this will be incentive for people to lose weight.

REALLY!?! For real you think a good incentive for losing weight is thinking about how you are going to look in your casket or right before your body is burned to ash?

I get angry with young folks my age or younger who joke about dying young so they leave a good looking corpse behind, because that is the most ridiculous thing ever in my opinion- you’re dead, your body is going to rot in the ground and look pretty awful very soon after. There is no benefit, in my opinion, to looking good after death.

I don’t care how my body looks after I’m dead. I care about living a long, fulfilling life. I want to die old surrounded by family who love me, which hopefully by then includes children, grandchildren, and maybe great grandchildren. People who will carry on the difference I made to them for the rest of their lives. I want to leave lots of people with positive memories of my life while I was living because that’s what people will care about most, not how I looked when I was dead.

So seeing this… I’m actually not even sure what else to say. It’s just so fucking absurd! Losing weight because of how you will look when you are dead and buried in the ground is absurd. Who the fuck cares what a corpse looks like?

I can’t believe this bullshit actually got produced and aired on tv. I am honestly shocked anyone thought this was a good or valid argument to make.


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