“Don’t Be a Vag”

Posted: November 23, 2014 in Problems
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So I was informed by someone recently that Jim Wendler, who created the 5/3/1 lifting program I’m following right now, is a misogynist.

Not sure the exact details of that, but then I came across a Q & A from him, in which he multiple times tells people not to “be a vag” or a pussy.  And apparently he has also coined the term “north of vag”, apparently a response to frustration at the “emasculation” of society and lifting. (eye-rolling so hard right now).

He’s also the same dude who mentions the program putting hair on your chest.

Personally I prefer not to have hair on my chest and I am a fan of vaginas.

And given that vaginas play an important role in the process of giving birth to new life, created within women’s bodies, I think vaginas are pretty damn strong and capable of much more impressive feats than just lifting heavy weights.

Maybe that’s why Wendler has such a problem with vaginas? I think he might just be jealous of their awesomeness…

  1. I’m using the 5/3/1 program, too, and just saw the section in his book on becoming “North of Vag” and needing to “get my life back” by getting out of “the Land of the Vag.” It was so disappointing. Also, economically speaking, why try to sell a book on weightlifting that is cutting out half of the human population?

    • ebay313 says:

      Because obviously women don’t lift! Only manly men are capable of lifting heavy things! … I joke, but seriously that seems to be how folks like that think.

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