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Posted: December 31, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I think I’ve mentioned a few times here about different perceptions of what it means to be healthy. One example that comes to mind is when I mentioned that I think there is a problem with the way being healthy is considered a barometer of morality or worth and commented that I am not healthy,  someone told me that anyone lifting what I do is healthy- apparently my body missed that memo.
But I think this results from a confusion over being healthy vs pursuing health.  What I mean is – I’m not healthy.  I have a number of medical conditions which mean I am not in generally good health. These conditions are also not going away so I will never be fully healthy.  However,  I absolutely try to pursue health. By that I mean I make an effort to do things that will improve my health and be as healthy as I can be.
Which is the difference to me.  Just saying am I healthy or not is a measure against a general standard of health for all people. Whereas when I talk about doing things for my health, that’s a relative measure against myself.
I think this misconception comes up a lot with health at every size (haes). I see a lot of people who misunderstand haes  as meaning everyone is healthy, which obviously is not true. But haes is not about saying who is or is not healthy but rather about a pursuit of health that is not focused on weight loss or using weight as a measure of health. This is also how I can say I’m not healthy but I follow a haes philosophy. By talking about haes or healthy behaviors, I’m not saying I’m healthy,  I’m not ignoring my medical issues,  I’m saying I am seeking to be the healthiest I can be (without focusing on weight loss).
(I would usually capitalize haes as it’s an acronym but I’m posting from my phone and it’s easier not to)

  1. Like most things, one’s state of health is in constant flux. The pursuit of health often is as well. I’ve so often tried to explain to people that health is not weight is not health. Nourishing oneself properly and making your body move is likely to have a better outcome all around. It’s like shouting into the void, though. People like simple answers.

    Have a terrific 2015!

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