Zombies 5K Last Run for “Week 1” (Spoilers)

Posted: May 20, 2015 in Running Blogging
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Finally got back out for another run. It’s funny, the last time I run I had just gotten my sunburn on my back. I feel like it’s been a long time since I ran last, but on the other hand today was my first day of my sunburn not hurting anymore and it feels like that healed fairly quickly.

I’ve been using time of day as an excuse for not running. I do wish I had a treadmill so I could just run in my house sometimes. Since my last run it’s seemed like the only times I’ve been able to run where daytime hours, which for most people probably sounds good but I prefer to run after dark. It’s quieter, more peaceful, fewer people around, no risk of sunburn. Mostly it’s the lack of people.

Today I actually went out for my run in just a t-shirt, no hoodie. Which I thought would be fine given how hot it was inside my house even with the ac on.

Yeah… no.

As soon as I stepped outside I realized it was actually rather chilly out, but instead of going back in my house for a hoodie I decided it would be fine, it didn’t seem THAT cold and plus once I started walking/running I would warm up.

Wrong again!

So this is the same layout as the first two runs, 10 min warmup walk, 10 repetitions of 1 min walking and 15 sec slow jogging, 10 minute ‘free form run’. My first couple jogging sets didn’t go well- my feet hurt and I couldn’t seem to get a normal stride. It was like my body completely forgot how to do the motion of running. But after my first few sets of jogging it got better and I got back into a more normal stride.

Still wasn’t really feeling the run though. Just unmotivated to actually run. So when the free form run came I mostly walked with just a little jogging here and there for the first 5 minutes. But then when I heard the doctor tell me I was 5 minutes in I figured why not go ahead and run the last 5? So I VERY slowly jogged the next 5 minutes and then limped the short distance back to my house after the scheduled run was over.

Now for the spoilers for the Zombies 5K storyline:11009220_10106705689576154_2196656929510421226_n

I am kind of glad I am not actually in able… well obviously I am glad there is not really a zombie apocalypse, but beside that they seem a bit reckless with my safety as a runner in training! I mean… also if there were a zombie apocalypse my strengths would obviously be something other than running. But still, third run into my training in which they are still not assuming I can run further than 15 secs worth of slow jogging in one go, and yet they send me outside the township for supplies which results in me being chased by a zombie? That does not sound like it’s very safe -_-

And since this is not my first time doing the 5K training program, I also know this is not the last time I will complain about their disregard for my safety in training!

Next run I’m going to try some HIIT work. Woo-hoo!

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