On Dehumanizing Language

Posted: May 21, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Ya know, it’s funny to me that some people focus so much on name calling. I’ve seen arguments among fat hate folks about whether or not it’s really ok to use a lot of the names they do for fat people.

Whale/landwhale, cow, ham, planet, and the combination of those: hamplanet, orca et cetera, et cetera.

Obviously none of that is nice, and it’s all a dehumanizing (I mean, duh, you are literally calling us non-human), and I won’t respond nicely or be ok with being called those things. But it doesn’t really bother me. Calling me any of the above doesn’t hurt.

What’s funny to me though is all the fat hate folks who think they are being reasonable by calling that name calling among their own but ignore what I find the worst of all:


“things” is a close second.

I guess because “it” is such a small word, just two little letters there, people think it doesn’t matter. But I find that the most dehumanizing and harmful word. And you know what, it does hurt. I’m kind of sick of the idea that people aren’t allowed to be hurt by things other people say. Sorry, that’s bullshit. Because I’m not a thing, I’m not an it, I am a person, a human being, and that means I do have feelings. And there is a sting in being reminded that some people see you as literally not human, to be called a fucking object.

The vast majority of people refer to their pets as “s/he”, “her/him”, or “them” rather than “it” or as “things”. This language places certain human beings as less than even animals.

I honestly don’t even understand that mentality. The stupid animal names and the like, I get it, you think you are being edgy and funny- you aren’t, you’re just being an asshole and you should not feel good about that. But to feel comfortable calling any other human being “it” for any characteristic of theirs… what the hell is wrong with you? And what the hell is wrong with every other one of you who see this language by people you associate with and don’t call it out? Seriously, what in your life lead to a place where you feel ok with that kind of dehumanization of other people?


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