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Posted: May 26, 2015 in Running Blogging
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Obviously my runs are still not as frequent as I planned. Oops.

So I went outside to go run some sprint intervals, opened my runkeeper app and discovered that my previous saved sprint style workouts were not there and I couldn’t remember what my usual sprint plans looked like, it’s been awhile since I’ve done them clearly. So I spent a few minutes trying to think of what an appropriate length for the intervals would be. I was thinking 30 second sprints but decided since I’ve been doing 15 second jog intervals with the zombies 5k training, even though with those 15 seconds feels ridiculously short, I would just stick with that. Given that the 5K training involves slow jogs, not sprints, I upped the walking intervals between, and planned to do about half the intervals of the week 1 5K training runs. Of course I usually prefer distance based intervals over time based intervals, but time based make it easier to plan how long it will take me and I was trying to keep it quick today.

I worried the intervals I went with wouldn’t be intense enough but figured I didn’t need to be super intense today. Especially since I had some caffeine in a drink earlier and since I typically avoid caffeine I have a strong reaction to it and my heart rate was noticeably elevated from that, and without a heart rate monitor I sometimes get a little overly cautious about such things. Times like this I really wish I had a heart rate monitor again. Eventually when I have spare money I’ll get a new one.

Ended up that the 15 second sprints with 2 minutes walks after caffeine was intense enough for me today. I didn’t get as far as I thought and decided instead of going anywhere else I would just circle around my block again after I was coming around the first time. Then I accidentally hit the stop bottom near my house and decided to just go ahead and call the run quits even sooner than the already short run I had planned.

Extra short works for my today since I did this after my bench workout and really should be in be already! So very short sprint workout.

Even though it was super short it was really fun! I actually forgot how fun I find sprints. My normal run workouts I really don’t look forward to. And they can be enjoyable in their own way… but not really that fun. Sprint intervals are fun though! I really like running as fast as I can for a short distance.

According to the interval breakdowns by runkeeper my sprints were slower than usual, but that wouldn’t be surprising. Of course it’s hard to know how accurate that is because I find that the voice notification for intervals is several seconds off from the time the app shows. Often I look at the time on the app to avoid that, but this time I didn’t feel like it so I went by the voice, which means if the app counts from the time it displays I was walking for the first few seconds of sprints and running for the first few seconds of the walks. Maybe that is part of the next part too them because what really surprised me was that my walks were getting faster according to the breakdown, which normally with sprints they do they opposite, after each I am more exhausted and my walking gets slower.

Um… so those are my thoughts from my sprints today! Maybe I can remind myself how fun sprints are and use them as more motivation to get through my 3 regular training runs quicker so I can get to sprints again! lol.

Oh, before I go, I just looked it up and when I used timed intervals, one of my preferred interval segments is 30 second sprints with 2 minute walks* (and has you increasing your sprint speed each sprint interval). Maybe I will use that one again next time.

*well, I walk. People who are better runners jog the slow intervals. I’ll try that one day, but for now I’ll stick with walking for my slow intervals 🙂


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