Zombies 5K Week 2 Run 1

Posted: May 29, 2015 in Running Blogging
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Before heading out for my run I actually thought about this blog post and started wondering/worrying- what if I don’t have anything to say after my run? lol, like that would happen! Of course I have nothing to say about it BEFORE the run. Walking/running always gives me time to get lost in thought though.

So I’ve had a migraine and been feeling really sick all day today. By late night it was mostly gone so I felt like I could try running but was/am still exhausted. But still headed out for the run. I’m still working on reminding myself to go out and just do it even if I’m not feeling great. Better to do what I can than worry that it will go badly.

Had an odd experience today, right after leaving my house a police car turned down my street he passed me, I looked back and saw he pulled into the driveway of the house across the street from my I think, I kept walking and then he turned around and pulled up next to me. Wasn’t really surprised to have him stop to ask me something because it was very late night and I figure walking around at that time of night probably seems odd, but that didn’t seem to be why he pulled over. I took out my headphones and he asked me if I was Michelle. Nope. I am not. He did not seem convinced. Asked my name, I told him. Asked when I was born, so I told him. Asked me where I lived, which I told him. He asked if I was sure I wasn’t Michelle from a few houses down from me. I am sure I am not. He repeats a few times that I look like her. Tells me she dyes her hair red like mine. I mentioned mine is actually pink/purple, and he pulled out his flashlight to verify it is. He told me to have a good run and then  drove off but then turned back into the drive in front of me to talk to me a bit more. He noted that I am actually a bit shorter than Michelle. Asked if I knew her, I don’t really know too many of my neighbors but then he told me a little more about her and I remember I did meet her once about a year ago. That was it though. He told me she freaked out on him or something. Then said he was going to ask me to call him if I saw her, but changed his mind because he was going to be out of town. Again, wished me a good night and took off.

I kept on walking but after a bit I started feeling weird about the conversation. I’m bad at realizing inconsistencies until after. At first I assumed that there was some call or report relating to Michelle that is why he was looking for someone matching her description. But the later comments made it sounds like something more personal, and like he knew her- the part about her freaking out on him, and also that he was going to ask me to call him specifically and not the police in general/that if he was out of town, another officer couldn’t just handle it. But if he knew her personally, it doesn’t make sense that he would think I was her.

Maybe there is some perfectly reasonable explanation for that, but it got me thinking and a bit nervous. Then I start thinking, I gave him my address and he was me walking away from my house, so what if he is someone super shady and I just gave him reason to think my house might be empty (not that he would know whether I lived with someone from that exchange, but still). I decided to head around the block back toward my house. By the time I got back around I didn’t see him on the street anymore and I looked for anything obviously off at my house, but nothing looked weird. Finished up my run which wasn’t really anything great and came home, looked around my house quickly as soon as I got in, didn’t see any sign of intruders or a break in. So thankfully nothing exciting there! Just me being a little paranoid.

As for the run itself… Week 2 is a 10 minute warm up walk, then alternating 1 minute walking with 30 seconds jogging and 5 heel lifts. I was debating doing the heel lifts but did, though once I get to the knee lifts I will be skipping those.

My shoes were feeling super tight though I don’t know why all the sudden. Just as I was typing this realized I have a bunch of blisters all over my feet now as a result 😦 ugh. Might need to get new shoes soonish.


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