Zombies 5K Week 2 Run 2

Posted: June 3, 2015 in Running Blogging
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11393387_10106789037301644_4614133306216980897_oSo realized it had been several days since I last ran. I have been totally losing track of the days being unemployed :-\ My sleep is completely random and while it’s not like I’m just doing nothing, most of what I do is nothing that has to be done at certain times making it difficult to keep track of what day it is. I do a little work which is tuesday nights right now, then I volunteer wednesday afternoons…. and that is really all in my life that is day/time specific.

So I decided to just head out in some yoga pants I was wearing instead of bothering to change into my running pants or capris. I figured they should be ok, and afterall the jogging intervals right now are only 30 seconds. And I was right on that last part but still I had to keep adjusting them because the waistband keeps sliding down. Not a problem for me today but it got me annoyed thinking of people I’ve heard say that it shouldn’t be a problem that it can be hard to find good workout clothes in plus sizes because you don’t need any special clothes to workout. Ugh. No. Actually clothing does make a significant difference! It should be common sense that a person is less likely to want to stick with working out regularly if they don’t have clothing that is really comfortable for the activity they are doing.

One reason I prefer to run when it’s dark is definitely that there are fewer people out. Passed a guy and awkwardly said hi. I’ve heard a lot of runners talk about how awesome running and runners are because of friendly hi’s when you pass another runner. :-\ That sounds nice in theory, but no, not for me. When I’m running and I have headphones in listening to zombies run or music I don’t want to exchange hi’s with someone else.

The run itself went ok. One thing I’m not a huge fan of with the zombies 5k layout is that you start (at least in the beginning) with a 10 minute warmup walk, which feels way longer than necessary. During the warm up walk I find myself constantly thinking “ok already, is it time to run yet?” 5 minutes seems to be more typical for a warm up walk time, so why not 5 minutes? Also, the further into the 5K the more storyline you seem to get with the running drills, which is nice, but also a bit confusing when I’m not sure what section something is because it’s not introduced as part of the layout. For example this run Dr. Myers tells you to run (RUN!) after Sam, which I still don’t know if that was supposed to be a 30 sec run interval, except I think it went longer. But it was before she said it was the free form run time. I still don’t know which it was and it’s a little frustrating in a way.

My feet were really hurting while running (but not so much walking) today so I didn’t try to run any significant length during the free form but instead did 30 seconds-2 minutes of slow (soo slow) jogging with 30 seconds-1 minute of walking in between.

Nothing special. Despite being exhausted I felt more into it this time than my last run.

  1. G says:

    Right with you on the running clothes issue! I’m definitely struggling there right now.

    I like a “runner wave” more than a spoken hi. The last thing I want to do when hauling myself up a hill is to speak, but I can always manage to lift a hand to wave.

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