Slow Runners Unite!

Posted: June 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

I joined a facebook group for people in my city. It sometimes has useful information, but most of the time just has people getting really angry and fighting with each other over the silliest things. I saw a post as I was scrolling through my facebook feed where someone mentions a girl running around the area that I run usually, and then says, not really running, but just putting on a little bit of speed for a short period, then walking a bit. For a second I was like “oh my gosh, is someone posting about me in this group? And feeling the need to point out how slow I run?” I read on and realized the person was talking about themselves and pointing out that they are usually to focused on trying to keep breathing while running to talk to people even though they want to be friendly. Several folks added comments to the post about their own running and “running”- with a lot of other folks making comments about how their running is very slow still and probably doesn’t even count as running.

It was just nice to me to see so many folks talking about running even if they were slow and not running the whole time. I know there have been times where I feel silly doing this. Like I shouldn’t even be out there doing my thing unless my thing is running fast for several miles at a time. And I know I’m not alone in feeling like that. And obviously there is no way to get from not being able to run fast for several miles at a time to being able to run fast for several miles at time without starting from what you can do. Yet despite that it’s clearly pretty common for folks to feel embarrassed to get out and do what they can until they are able to do more.

Which is why I’m writing this and why that post stuck out to me so much. Seeing other folks who are doing similar things, struggling with running workouts that others might see as easy or even go so far as to say they “don’t count”, is a nice reminder that you aren’t alone in it and reassurance that it’s ok if your “running” isn’t fast or for very far.

So this is my shout out to all the other folks out there who run slow and/or don’t run very far. Don’t let that stop you from doing your thing 🙂

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