Zombies 5K “Week” … How About “Section” 3, Run 2 (Spoilers)

Posted: June 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

Post-Run Selfie

It feels weird naming these the way the app does by “week #” when each “week” is not getting done in a weeks time for me. Actually looking back it’s been over a week since my last run :-\

Definitely wishing I had a treadmill to run inside. I refuse to run during the daytime (which feels a bit silly at times, but I just do not want to run outside during daylight hours), which limits things, and we have been having storms here recently so that limits outdoor running. I actually was all ready to go for a run last night and right before I headed out a massive storm started- thankful I hadn’t already been out :-\ We got crazy amounts of lightning and ended up with a tornado warning too. I should probably check weather before I leave from now on.

But no storms tonight, so I finally got out for another run! And feeling pretty good about it!

Not that I felt good about it during the run, most of the time I was thinking “I hate running. This is boring. Why am I doing this? When do I get to stop? Why am I doing this?” I didn’t feel good about it until 4 minutes through the last freeform run when I realized I wasn’t going to have to walk through any part of my freeform runs! Whoo!

I remembered to stretch before my run this time, so before I headed out I did 10 minutes of yoga stretching. I think it helped because my calves did not hurt near as much this time!

However, I forgot to make a running playlist. Though I had better luck with my music this time. But most of my music just doesn’t really interest me when I’m running. I want something that takes my mind off the thoughts of “This is boring. My feet hurt. When do I get to stop?” I wondered during the run if listening to an audiobook would be more interesting, but of course I can’t do that so long as I’m using the zombies 5k app.

Turns out though that I do like spice girls while running, lol. Though the lyrics to “Stop” are a bit interesting when you are supposedly running from a zombie (apparently ethical treatment of research participants doesn’t exist after the zombie apocalypse as Dr. Myers and Runner 10 use me/Runner 5 as basically zombie bait, but it’s ok, because it’s for science!)

Stop right Now
Thank you very much,
I need somebody with the human touch,
Hey you always on the run,
Gotta slow down baby, got have some fun.

Though eating people is probably about as close to having fun as zombies get.

Anyways, so started out with the 5 minute free form run, and I ran it all. And by run, as usual I mean a super slow jog.

Remembering from last time that there was no break between the 5 minute free form run and the first 1 minute run interval, when Dr. Myers says that the free form run is over and now we are doing intervals, I just kept running. Then she comes on and I’m slowing to a walk when I hear her voice and she announces that now it’s time for the first 1 minute interval run (apparently this time there is a walk break between the free form run and first interval run!) So I kept running, by the end of the interval I looked at the time and my 5 minute jog ended up being more like an 8 minute jog! Intervals were uninteresting, skipped the knee lifts again. Then it was time for the first 8 minute free form run. Which I ran, the whole time. Though I often wanted to just walk- it wasn’t even that it was too hard to run or my feet or legs hurt too much, I just was not enjoying it. But I pushed through all 8 minutes. Then did 2 minutes of stretching, my feet were bothering me the most so most of my stretching was just pointing and flexing my feet and moving my foot in circles, which definitely helped though. So then I was off for another 8 minutes of free form running. Like I said, it wasn’t until 4 minutes into that that I realized I could make it through without walking at all.

My jogging was of course extra super slow, but it was still jogging. So I feel good about that! šŸ™‚

Then back home for another 10 minutes of yoga stretching and 5 minutes of foam rolling.

  1. Well done šŸ™‚ This gives me so much hope for my own recovery.

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