Zombies 5K Section 3, Run 3

Posted: July 3, 2015 in Running Blogging
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Finally got in another run, and had to break my normal running rule (no daytime running) to do it. I still hate running during the day time. It’s so bright. It’s hotter out and I get dehydrated faster. And there are so many more people out, ugh.

I got a different brand of kinesiology tape- I’d heard good things about KT tape and I was actually interested in trying the pre-cut strips. I’m not sure what I think though.

I forgot to mention on my last run but I tried last run using kinesiology tape on my calves. And given I had less calf pain last run, although I immediately thought it was stretching that made the difference, I’m not sure if the tape helped too. So I did tape on my calves again. Not sure it I have it too wide compared to the guide I followed, it looks wider, but my calves are also wider so hard to say.

Like my last run I started out with stretching, started with 10 minutes of stretching yoga before the run. I feel like I probably should have done more though. Blake joined me for stretching too! lol. He made it about 2 minutes in before he decided stretching is boring and went to chase imaginary things around the basement (since I started painting my office, I’ve had crap from my office all over my living room, so the only place where I have room for yoga is my basement.)

This is also the second run through where I started the 5 minute free form run and suddenly realized I have to pee :-\ Last time I pushed through the rest of the run, this time though I decided to circle back to my house. Which btw this run went like Run 1 of this grouping with no walking break between the 5 minute run and the first 1 minute interval run. I didn’t get back to my house until after the second 1 minute run interval (i didn’t just turn around and go straight back to my house, lol), but then I paused and took a short break to use the bathroom, tried to switch to my sunglasses but they are plastic and not as tight fitting as my normal glasses, combined with sweat meant they did not want to stay on my head. Then back out for 3 more intervals, then an 8 minute free form run. I didn’t run the whole time this time, though most of it. I slowed to a walk for a few seconds a few times, but no more than that. 2 minutes stretching, and another 8 minute free form run- same as the first, slowed to walk for a few seconds a few times. Literally would just take a few steps before I went back to my slow jogging. I kept trying to focus on how good it would feel when I was done, even though I felt completely miserable during the run. Though I don’t feel as good after this time, lol.

I don’t get why I hate running as much as I do. I mean, I get that I often prefer things that involve bursts and rests- lifting and sprints, but the thing is, I also like walking. I was thinking during this run how I don’t understand how people run marathons! Over 26 miles, of just running the whole time? That sounds so boring! I get bored running for a few minutes! But it makes no sense why I find running so mind numbingly boring, but walking- I could easily walk for hours and hours no problem. Walking helps me clear my mind, it’s almost meditative in a way. I wish I could feel the same way about running, but it just doesn’t work the same way with running for some reason.

Finished after my run with 10 minutes of yoga stretching and then 5 minutes of foam rolling.

Next run is sprints.

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