You are Capable of More Than You Think AKA Zombies 5K “Week” 4, Run 1

Posted: July 15, 2015 in Running Blogging
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It’s been forever since my last run! I’ve been putting this “week” of runs off because they are so much longer!

We already know that I have a weird things about not wanting to run during the day. So trying to find time, after dark, when I have the time and energy to spend several hours on a workout. Obviously the actual run is not that long- according to the brief synopsis on the app it’s scheduled to be 50 minutes long. But there is clearly a lot more involved than just the run, and it did indeed take me several hours to complete everything today.

1AM: Pre-Run

I went to my basement to start some pre-run yoga right about 1 am. Of course that wasn’t an immediate start, rather I spent a few minutes looking around for a video to follow, since I wanted to follow a video this time. I found a yoga video that said it was for runners that I’ve done before but not recently so I didn’t remember it well. So I went ahead with that. Did about 25 minutes of yoga- though the last couple minutes I stopped following the video and did my own thing as the guy on the video was repeating a lot of the same poses as before that I felt were not really the type of stuff I needed pre-run whereas I hadn’t felt a good stretch in areas I felt I did need some stretching in pre-run. During the yoga I had a terrible migraine starting, but did not feel like calling quits on the run.

Of course it’s not like I was immediately out the door after that, I did my yoga barefoot so I still needed to put on my vibrams shoes, I took some alieve and exedrin migraine to try to stop the migraine (all out of my prescription medication) made sure I used the bathroom this time, then decided i really wanted to change clothes before my run, I was worried my pants were too loose and would be falling down the whole run and I was wearing a black t-shirt with black pants, and thought a shirt even a bit brighter would be safer in terms of visibility running at night.

I used the bathroom again to be safe because I was about to be nearly an hour walking/running without a bathroom near by and having to pee that whole time would not be fun. Then I grabbed my spibelt, my keys, and headphones, said goodbye to Blake and assured him I would not be gone long as he gave me his usual “why are you leaving me!?!?!?!” sad kitty face. After locking the door I put my keys in the spibelt and start up the app. By this point in time it was somehow 2am already, apparently I spent more time digging around for a new shirt than I thought.

2AM Run

I headed off on my 5 minute warm up walk. Spent a good portion of that on my phone as it was raining just slightly but I was worried about ended up with severe weather while I was not close to home. Everything I could find indicated there were no severe weather warnings for the area, though it also said the chance of rain was very, very low, and yet it was just barely raining. Luckily it never got any worse than that. I would not want to run in heavy rain, but I wasn’t too worried about rain. It’s being out walking/running miles from home if a thunderstorm started or worse, there was a tornado warning, that concerns me.

The layout for the run just says a 5 minute run, implying it’s expected you run the whole thing, but when Dr. Myers announces it she clearly says that it is a free-form run- meaning walk or run whatever amount you feel comfortable. Of course I’ve been doing these 5 minute free runs awhile now so of course I was going to run the whole 5 minutes. 5 minutes went by much faster this time than before, though I felt like just those 5 minutes took all my energy by the end of it, and my feet were hurting. I had been planning to go for a run a few days back and had taped my feet, but then realized that I needed to be to bed earlier than I would be able to if I tried to get in a run that night. The tape made it until today before peeling off, and I have only a few strips left and no money for anymore, so I decided not to retape for my run. Sometimes I suspect it’s really nothing more than a placebo effect, but I swear I notice such a huge difference between with kinesio-tape and without.

Next up was fast and slow walking intervals. Meant to have knee lifts but I skip those as I just don’t feel like doing them on a major street. While there are fewer people driving or walking around so late at night, there still are always some cars and people around. Most of the time I replaced the knee lifts with stopping to stretch my feet a bit to help with the pain.

After the walking intervals were 30 second running intervals. Which felt weird to do after having previous done longer running intervals. And these weren’t meant to be sprints so I wasn’t going all out the way I would with sprints. On the other hand I used them to focus a bit more on form. I read not long ago, I think on a fit is a feminist issue blog post (btw, great blog, you should check it out if you haven’t), about chi running and I’ve been trying to incorporate some of the stuff I read about it. One of the main things that made me interested in chi running when I read about it was the fact that it promotes a midfoot strike, which I had already been using as that also tends to work best with barefoot (or “barefoot” with vibrams 5 finger shoes as I use) running. Mainly I’ve been working on the leaning forward aspect, where you are supposed to basically be working with gravity when running by leaning forward, adjusting the lean based on speed. What I do is obviously not totally chi running, certainly not correct as I’m basing this all off of a few online articles, but still I find the elements I’ve been able to add from it feel more natural for me.

Now this run I did all along a main road, no side streets today. That combined with a longer run meant i went way further down the road than I ever have before (by foot). Knowing the run would be approximately an hour ish, I figured I should cross over and head back around 30ish minutes in. So around 25 minutes in I decided next crossing I will cross over the street and head back on the other side. Turns out, there aren’t anymore crossings that far down! So I’m going, and going, until I’ve crossed into the next city over already and I could see the freeway up ahead where the road splits, and there isn’t a crossover until I get up there, and i’m certainly not planning to go that far. At that point I decide to just cross where I’m at, already into the 15 minute free form run by the this point, and over 32 minutes in. Of course after crossing there I realized I could have just turned around and ran back on the same side of the street, lol. I have been in the habit of crossing and running back on the other side but there is no reason I have to! Oh well.

So at about 32 minutes the free form run started. I basically did the same for this run as I did with the last Zombies 5K run- I can’t say I ran the whole 15 minutes, but I only slowed to a walk/stop for a few seconds at a time, and only a few times at that. I saw stop because 8 minutes in I was getting a cramp in my side and stopped for just a few seconds to stretch a little, which just about got rid of the cramp entirely. This time though my struggle with the run was not at all boredom. Rather I was tired, out of breath, and my heart was pounding. Several health factors at play with that, though certainly my recent anxiety is a big factor. The job hunt is not going well, summer is nearly over and somehow I still have not found a real job, I have about $5 at the moment and that’s it. No idea what I am going to do about anything financially at the moment other than continue crossing my fingers that some job applications will pan out.  I’m constantly stressed out completely over this. Anxiety tends to raise my heart rate, combined with running, and well, that should be obvious.

My mantra through the free form run though was that I am capable of more than I think I am. I kept telling myself that and every time I felt like that was all the energy I had in me and I couldn’t run anymore, I just told myself that was not all I could do and I could indeed keep going. And it worked out!

Though I’ve found that the Zombies 5K app does not always have it’s math right. Like I said, I started the free form run (immediately following a 30 second run interval) around 32 minutes in. At 37 minutes Dr. Meyers told me it had been 5 minutes, added up. And yet, I think the notification was at 45 minutes in that there were still 3 more minutes to go. Then 47 minutes in came and went with no notification that the 15 minutes was up. 48 minutes in came and went without notification. A little after 48 minutes in I slowed to a walk. It wasn’t for another minute- after 49 minutes in, that Dr. Meyers said the 15 minutes was up. But by my count I had already ran (for the most part) over 16 minutes though, so I don’t feel bad about slowing to a walk early.

Of course I was still a ways from home though. As much as I feel like I should better plan my runs to end right near home, and a few times I’ve been close and just ran back and forth on my block until the end of the run, I actually prefer a cool down walk at the end, which the program does not have built in. Now a 20ish minute walk is way overkill for that, but certainly is nice to get a cool down walk in at the end. Even though I still do yoga/stretching and foam rolling when I get home, it’s not the same and still is better (imo) to do a cool down walk before that.

So it was after 3am by the time I got home.

3:10AM Post-Run

I then got home, kicked off my shoes, had to use the bathroom again, and then headed back to my basement. Before I started stretching i ended up massaging my feet a bit because they needed it. Then 12 minutes of stretching, and 6 minutes of foam rolling. By the time I was done it was after 3:30am. So if we count only to here all in all from when I headed downstairs for pre-run yoga, until I was heading back up after post-run stretching and foam rolling, the whole workout really took up 2 and a half hours.

Though after that I felt like I needed a shower, but then changed my mind and decided an epsom salt bath might be better. which meant first cleaning my bathtub (I always clean it before a bath), then had my bath. By the end of that it was about 4:30am. Obviously a bath after is not necessary, but it’s certainly not unrelated, I took an epsom salt bath because I knew it would help sooth my muscles and feet from the run, it’s not like this would have been a typical part of my night if I hadn’t done some workout.

The I went to get something to eat- made a protein shake. And then to my computer to compose this blog post. And now it’s almost 6am. All in all, took up pretty much my whole night!

EDIT: I spent a lot of time in this post talking about all the things that make an approximately 1 hour run a lot longer. I guess I should explain a bit that part of this was inspired by something I read awhile back, though I can’t find where it was, where someone was talking about that common “fitsportation” message that a 1 hour workout is only 4% of your day, so “no excuses”. The author talked about how that a 1 hour workout isn’t just the 1 hour you spend working out. They mentioned packing a gym bag, driving to the gym, changing, driving home. Of course there are all the other aspects too like, even if it is only 4% of your day that doesn’t always mean there is room for it within all the other things we have to fit into a day. Or that what reasons a person has for working out or not any day is none of your damn business. Still, I thought about this in terms of this run today. The run itself may only be an hour, but add in the yoga before, stretching and foam rolling after, not to mention all the little mundane things that take up some times, and it adds up to a lot more than just the hour ish I spend on my run.

Body Image While Running

Oh, one more issue, from my run, I run past a lot of buildings with glass which crudely reflects my image as I run past. For a long time whenever I would catch my reflection in them and I would try not to look and it would bring my mood down while running as I see my fat reflection running super slow, and all the stereotypes associated with that would flood my head. I noticed today that I didn’t mind my reflection so much today, and was not making any attempts to avoid it. So, yay for that, lol 🙂

  1. G says:

    I’m in awe of your mid-night runs. I love running in the dark– there’s something so meditative and calming about it– but I never feel comfortable with it. Plus I go to bed at 10:30…

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