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Ok, stealing the name change and photo from the person who nominated me.

I was nominated by Honestly Libby for this. From her post:

This is a chance to get to know each other better, introduce one another to new blogs we love and basically give someone a pat on the back for their blogging endeavors.

Ok, so here is how the thing is supposed to work

  • Thank the person who nominated you and put a link to their blog.
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers.
  • Let your nominees know you have nominated them.
  • Post 7 facts about yourself.

Seems like a great way of introducing folks to other blogs we enjoy, though I’m not sure I even follow 15 bloggers, so I don’t think we will get that many here, lol.

But here are some blogs I really enjoy:

Running While Fat

G’s blog description: “I’m fat. I run. And lift. And yoga. And swim. And…” A good summary 🙂

Of course there is also Fit is a Feminist Issue which is an absolutely fantastic blog about fitness for people of all sizes and feminism. I can’t believe it was so long into having this blog before I found their blog! It’s also a blog with posts from several different awesome bloggers, so I’m not sure this really fits the nominate a blogger style, but still.

Cassandra Morrilly is another great blogger. She writes about a number of things including fat acceptance and fat admiration. I’ve learned quite a bit reading her blog.

The Keen Peach, Angela blogs about fitness, lifting, and clean eating. I wouldn’t say her and I always have to same approach to these things, but I still enjoy her blog 🙂

Lara Lifts, Laura blogs about powerlifting and HAES and I love reading about her competitions.

Crippled Scholar is a great blog about disability issues.

I am also a huge fan of Molly GalbraithNia Shanks, and Girls Gone Strong. These blogs like some others I listed talk about and advocate weight loss, which I know is pretty different that what I blog about, but I still enjoy them. I know some other folks aren’t interesting in any blogs or resources that don’t take a HAES/weight neutral approach, but these are blogs I enjoy and personally I don’t mind skipping past the occasional weight loss oriented things that don’t interest me.

I’m sure I’m forgetting many other wonderful bloggers, and I’m sorry if you didn’t get a shout out here. I’d love to hear from others, those linked and those who aren’t, about what your favorite blogs to follow are!

Before I do my 7 things, I’d like to take this time to talk a little bit about my blog and some fun facts here. Like How I recently passed 200 followers. Which is not a huge number, but pretty wow worthy to me still!

When I first started this blog I tried to check out the blogs and usually follow back anyone who followed me. That did not last long. I know not all >200 followers actually read this blog regularly, and it seems a lot of people use following just as a way of trying to get people to notice them- and I was getting a lot of followers from “bloggers” who were mainly trying to sell things I wasn’t interested in. So I often don’t look at blogs that follow me, and won’t automatically follow back on here.

However, when people comment I usually try to check out if they have a blog as well and if it looks interesting I will follow.

Which is one way for me to say, if you’ve been following and reading my blog but don’t ever comment, feel free to use this post to say hi! And let me know if you have a blog you think I’d enjoy 🙂

Ok, now for 7 things about me. I write a lot about myself on this blog so I thought maybe it would be fun to use these 7 facts to tell you some things unrelated to this blog that you might not otherwise know.

  1. Well, let’s start with some basic facts about me that you may or may not know. I’m a social worker, I have my Master’s in Social Work and I’m currently working on my PhD. My research topic right now is women seeking asylum in the United States due to gender based persecution, with a focus on policy.
  2. I have a lot of ideas about things though. Some of my classmates have suggested I should consider changing my focus because I seem very interested in internet communities- and I am, but I do not think I want to change my focus. Though I would love to be able to do some research in this area as well. It’s very different than my other interests but I’m very curious about how people relate to online communities, and the functions they serve for people.
  3. I’m also trying to start my own non-profit that has nothing to do with either of those two interests, lol. The non-profit I want to start is one that would help low income people with mental illnesses with the expenses related to having pets. Pets can be so much help to people struggling with mental health issues, and I know certainly Blake really helps me through some rough depression patches. I’ve also seen how important pets can be for clients I worked with when I interned with community mental health. And yet, many of the clients I worked with were low income, living off Social Security Disability and/or Supplemental Security Income, and received food assistance for groceries- yet food assistance cannot be used to purchase pet food, or other pet related everyday needs like cat litter for cats. Not to mention the difficulty of coming up with funds for vet care. I started a Go Fund Me for this, which sadly wasn’t as effective as I hoped and so I have not given up on doing this, but I am temporarily stalled because I don’t have money to move forward. Also I really need a new name before I make it official- anyone good at thinking of names for things want to help me out with that?
  4. Totally random, I really enjoy watching fan music videos on yoututbe for shows and movies I like- for example, Avengers, Stargate SG 1 and Atlantis, Star Trek Voyager and DS9, X-Files, and many more. I can waste far too much time just watching the awesome videos people make with clips from the shows or movies and putting them to music. Also there are a lot of songs I have downloaded that I would otherwise probably not like, but I enjoy them because the remind me of a well done video. There is some amazing talent folks have for creating these, some of the best in my opinion are ones that actually tell a different story than really existed in the show. For example a few videos I really like for SG1 basically tell a story about Daniel and Cam having a relationship, which certainly was never in the show. Oh, or a really cool Supernatural video that is about a relationship between Charlie and Becky, who I never would have thought of but they make a cute couple in the video.
  5. I also like geeky parody songs as well. My last fact reminded me of I Ship It by Not Literally Productions. “In canon they have never met/ I don’t care- I ship it”
  6. hmm… ok, totally random fact- I was really into art in high school and for awhile had planned to do that in college, but toward the end of high school I really just couldn’t imagine how I would turn it into a career so I switched focus (to religious studies actually. It wasn’t until after I started college that I switched to social work). I sometimes run into people from high school who know because of my art at that time. Sadly I didn’t keep up with it after high school, and I’m just now trying to really get back into it.
  7. hmmm, last one, I feel like I should make this good, but…. what to say? Oh, ok, how about this- I have friends online I have never met in person and they are at least as much real friends to me as people I know in person, if not more. Most of them are people I met through livejournal, back when we all were a lot more active there. Through reading my online journal and me their’s, many of them knew/know me better than most IRL friends. Several don’t use lj anymore and we stay in touch with facebook. And some I have met now, meeting for the first time after years of online only friendship. I think it’s silly when people treat the internet and what happens on here as if it doesn’t count. I’d also count several people I’ve met through fitocracy and chatted extensively with on kik as friends, even if we’ve never met, and in some cases we live on different continents.

Alrighty, so there’s 7 things about me that have nothing to do with the things I typically blog about here 🙂

  1. Elizabeth Kara says:

    I think #3 is a wonderful idea! Not having a pet has been the hardest part about my transition “out of the nest.” Lucky for me, I do see my dog quite often, but it’s weird not having little paw prints following me around everywhere.

    • ebay313 says:

      Aw, yes that can definitely be an adjustment 😦 When I was living away at college I didn’t have any pets with me/wasn’t allowed to have any pets (but like you still saw them). Of course at the time I was also more active in social groups with other people. I don’t get out as much anymore, I would probably be so lonely without Blake. Which I know I saw even more so with clients I worked with. I just tend to be a introverted home-body, but I worked with clients who were agoraphobic, or schizophrenic with severe paranoia that accompanied leaving their home and really the only companionship they had outside our agency was a pet. Makes a huge difference.

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