Zombies 5k Week 4 Run 2; Struggles and Progress

Posted: July 24, 2015 in Running Blogging
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My running outfit tonight, mismatched injinji socks, some selfies during the walking intervals, and stretching with Blake after the run.

Finally back out for this run. I’ve been doing a fair bit of walking the past week in shoes that aren’t great for walking any real distance in. I can’t seem to walk more than a quarter of a mile in any shoes except my vibrams without ending up with blisters. Since I either didn’t want to or couldn’t wear my vibrams for most of the walking this past week- my feet have been covered in blisters, so I’ve been waiting for them to mostly heal before I did another run. Today they seemed mostly all healed up so time for a run it was 🙂

One day I will be able to just head out for a run like a “normal” person I’m sure, lol, that day was not today though!

My pre-run routine today started with soaking my feet in warm water with epsom salt and tea tree oil, washed my feet, dried them well, and then put on my kt tape. The main point was putting on my kt tape, but the rest was to try to help keep the tape on as long as possible.

After that was 13 minutes of stretching, then I headed out for the run.

It didn’t go well today. Started the 5 minute warm up walk and already was not feeling good about it! Just did squats yesterday, and my legs were sore and just walking felt difficult.

It didn’t feel very hot when I first started out, but- oh god the humidity! Have I mentioned how much I do not like heat and high humidity?

So then was the 5 minute free form run. I feel like I’ve been getting better with figuring out good music for runs, maybe… 5 minute free form run ended up being to Country Grammar which today seemed like a good fit and I got into the song as I was running. (Though on the other hand sometimes I hate running to this song. I can’t really mouth the lyrics in certain parts because at one part pretty much ever other word is the n-word, and that’s awkward for me.)

Running felt difficult but not too bad until I finished the 5 minutes and slowed to a stop. It wasn’t until then that all the sudden I felt my calves cramping up terribly. I was barely able to move at all at that point and my walking better resembled a shambling zombie than a Abel Township runner. I kept stopping here and there to stretch but no amount of stretching seemed to do a thing to help with the cramping feeling.

One fun thing about Week 4 Run 2 in the Zombies 5K though is that Dr. Myers doesn’t show up until about halfway through so for the first half of it Sam does the drills with you and actually goes out with you, and has a nice chat throughout. Though it’s funny because he tries to start taking during the 5 minute free form run and is winded and says he will wait for the walking part. It’s funny how sometimes it can feel like you are with someone, because I’m just like “good idea Sam, because I really can’t be trying to focus on a conversation with you right now!”

As I continued the fast walk slow walk intervals the cramping started to let up a little bit but not entirely. I also started feeling really nauseous, starting shaking, and feeling dizzy. So that’s not great.

Then time for 30 second running intervals. Nothing special about those. They were not really difficult, but didn’t feel easy either due to all the previously mentioned intervals.

Sometime during that point I crossed over at the last crossover (same street as my last run) this time, and headed back toward my house on the opposite side of the street. Remembered not to go as far down this time.

Again went right from a 30 second run interval into the 15 minute free form run. I was not feeling that, so I decided to walk the first minute of the free form run. After that I picked up to a slow run for a minute. One thing with the runs I was doing this time was trying to run in time with the music. Which meant running faster but it also kind of felt better to do that.

Still after just a minute of jogging, I slowed back to a walk for a little bit. The next few minutes I spent jogging maybe 30 seconds, then walking a few seconds (maybe 10 seconds)- neither lasted long, but I was definitely jogging more than running. That didn’t last though. The air felt so friggin heavy and I started to feel like I was suffocating from it, and thinking about that I started to have a bit of a panic attack. I walked for a bit until I calmed down, then would try to jog but it was more walking with a few seconds of slow jogging interspersed in there.

But I also tried telling myself that was ok. That if I even just walk the 15 minutes that’s ok, not every run goes well, and if this goes badly it’s just one run and doesn’t mean much. Honestly telling myself things like this does help! I feel better. I certainly feel better than beating myself up mentally because I didn’t do as well as I planned.

Then about 10 minutes into the free form “run” Fight Song by Rachel Platten came one, which i’ve been a bit in love with since I first heard it not long ago, I was feeling a bit better combined with a song that I liked I decided to run again. I picked up to a slow run, and was mouthing the song as I went and feeling good. So I told myself that I would run for the rest of this song at least and just focus on the song. That worked and I was feeling ok by the end of it, so I kept running. Next up was Move It like This by Baha Men so I did a little bit of a dance like run for that song, trying to focus on the song. Made it through that song as well, and I don’t remember what was next but there was just a few minutes left to the 15 by that point so I kept going. Actually worked out pretty well, the 15 minute free form run ended right at a street crossing where I stopped waited for a car to pass and then crossed back over. I was only a few blocks from my house fora nice little cool down walk.

Got home, felt so good to get inside my house with my AC on. Did some stretching and foam rolling and now posting this. Feels like it didn’t take as long total today, but really wasn’t much difference in time I don’t think. I started pre-run stretching around 1:30am and finished post-run stretching and foam rolling around 4:30am. Going to try to get up and make some food after I post.

It wasn’t a good run overall, but in the end I’m feeling pretty good about it anyways. Still sooo sore though, lol.

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