Zombies 5K “Week” 4, Run 3 [Spoilers]

Posted: July 26, 2015 in Running Blogging
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11760112_10107033898263314_2029246387723816319_nSo I wanted to do a workout today, but was having trouble deciding if I should do a lifting workout, or run. Really, I actually wanted to run (weird), but I felt like I needed to get in a lifting workout.

So I decided to go ahead and do both! Why not, since I’m avoiding being actually productive tonight anyways. I do like using workouts as a means of coping with things falling to shit. Everything else is total crap in my life, but I can feel like I got something done if I at least get in a workout!

Of course doing both meant I did just a really short and quick bench press workout. Then 10 minutes stretching, then finding some running clothes to change into, then headed out.

I was actually feeling excited to get out for a run… right up until I stepped out my front door. Really hot, ridiculously high humidity and fog. But, I was planning to go for a run, I got dressed for it and this sports bra is annoying to get on or off, so I’m going to do my run dammit.

5 minute warm up walk followed by 5 minute super slow jog. Calves were cramping a bit at the end again, but not as bad as last time. Then walking intervals.

This is one of those storylines where I am just like FUCK YOU ABEL TOWNSHIP! I’m still training to be a runner, and clearly not very good at this yet, and what do they have me do today? Oh, let’s go be zombie bait!

Which also makes me realize that I may not be a good person to have around in the case of a real zombie apocalypse, lol, because I am not thrilled with being the person luring a hoard of zombies away from someone else. Though I think I have some other strengths, like the stockpile of canned foods I have- those would probably come in handy.

Walking intervals (slow walking then fast walking) were when I was trying to get the zombies to notice me. Running intervals (running then walking) were used after the zombies noticed me to get them to chase, staying far enough ahead to be safe, slowing down to not get too far ahead that they stopped following.

Based on the storyline the 15 minute free form run then comes when the zombies are successfully lured far enough away for runner 6 to get back to the base, and the free form run is running back to the base, hopefully losing the zombies in the process.

I was not feeling great about this, and pretty miserable in the heat and humidity. But still I kept running (15 minute free form run, again, follows immediately after a 30 second run interval). I like to keep my phone in my hand during the free form run so I can see how far in I am. I don’t look constantly because then it seems like longer, but I like to check in now and then. So I’m running and feeling not great but not terrible, I can do this… I’ve feeling a bit sore, probably a good 5 minutes in now, so I look at my time on my phone- 1 minute into the free form run. So that was a little demoralizing.

But I kept going. Was not loving the music this time but whatever, tried to get into it. and just kept going. And in the end did the whole 15 minutes (slightly more actually) running! Didn’t slow to walk even once, though this meant I ran back and forth a bit by the street crossing to avoid having to stop and wait for traffic to clear to cross. It was a little after 15 minutes by my count that I got the game notification that my free form run was done, and i slowed to a walk, a few blocks from home again so I got my cool down walk in.

While walking back home I did start wondering though if running will ever feel easy to me. I mean, in theory you keep doing something enough and it gets easier, with time you run further or faster (to use running as the example) in order for it to still feel challenging, right? With time the same distance and speed should start to get really easy. Yet I find myself often skeptical of this. For those who haven’t read all my running blog posts, I restarted this summer with the Zombies 5K again, which I’ve done before, and couch to 5K a few times before this. I’ve never been a good runner, but in the past I had built up to running several miles at a time. But I gotta say, I don’t feel like it ever really got easier. I feel like I’m still always a minute in like “oh my god is this over yet!?”

On the other hand though, I got home and after stretching but before writing this I checked my pace for the run and unsurprisingly it was faster than my last run, but I’ve also been faster than I used to be at all! Now, I’ve always tracked my time, distance, and pace to include warm up and cool down walks. But still, even with all the walking, including slow walking, I did in this workout, my pace is faster than it used to be when I would do a short warm up walk, run a few miles, and then a short cool down walk. Of course this mainly just goes to show how incredibly slow I have always been because my pace this time was only a bit under 17 minutes per mile.

Next up is sprints and then “week” 5. Zombies 5K is an interesting layout. It’s not the simple progression of longer intervals that the coolrunning couch to 5K is. The one thing I’ve like about the Zombies 5K though is the longer free form runs from the start because they give you a chance to push yourself. Of course as if goes on more of your run is free form and it really only works if you are running them. But then they add in a lot of other stuff. Like I don’t really know what the point of the slow and fast walking intervals during week 4 were, though I’m hardly one to argue about it because I enjoy walking lol. Week 5 will have heel lifts again but is basically just a mix of free form runs and running intervals. But then week 6 is interesting because a fair bit of it is just half squats and stretching.

  1. G says:

    You know, I’ve been at this running thing for years and I still can’t call it “easy”. Sometimes I’ll say that after a run, but when I’m in the middle of it, it sucks. Part of that is that we get better at it and keep pushing ourselves harder– we compensate when it would get “easy”!

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