Posted: July 31, 2015 in Running Blogging
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Tonight was another run after lifting day. OHP today- I feel like it only works if it’s after a bench or OHP workout because it’s different muscles and bench and OHP don’t typically leave me as overall tired after as squats or deadlifts.

Though I took some time to rest between so it wasn’t all together.

This week it feel like I’ve ever had a “whoo I can do all the things today!” feeling, or been too ill to get out of bed at all, with no in between. Not that my “do all the things!” days have even been remarkably productive, but… this happens from time to time and it’s really frustrating. Even though I’ve been up since early morning, I’m still up and it’s early morning now because after doing random errands and job applications today, I felt like I could totally still get in OHP and sprints before bed. And it’s hard to not want to take advantage of that feeling while it lasts, but then it’s not really great long term since it throws me off for tomorrow.

Anyways… sprints. Well before sprints I headed outside to deal with some wasps in my yard while it was dark. After that I did a little bit of stretching outside, while Blake watched me from the window.

Runkeep annoys me a lot- I started it off and after a few minutes of walking looked at the time and realized it was counting my distance but not time! So I stopped and restarted it, meaning I did a longer warmup walk than planned. My first sprint felt awkward because my feet were hurting a lot today before the run but I decided to go anyways, but after a bit I got used to it. By the second sprint I felt like my form was much better than usual for sprints, it felt much more natural and I felt like I was going faster than normal for me. Third sprint I was a bit distracted by the fact that I got a notification for the sprint right after walking pasted a police car and started to worry the officer was going to chase me down for being suspicious for breaking into a run right after walking past their car lol. That did not happen though. 4th sprint I was starting to get tired and my walking interval after was more of a crawl pace. 5th sprint was much slower as I was still tired, and I was thinking 6 sprints is 2 too many. 6th sprint went better than 5 though since it’s easier when I can remind myself it’s the last one. The sprints are actually supposed to be faster each time but I suck at judging % effort for running so I end up going all out for the first several and having almost nothing left in the tank for the ending ones.

I got back home did some quick stretching outside again. After coming in and shocking runkeeper though, I realized that it totally messed up on recording my pace for sprints and walks- it had my sprints as the pacing of slow walking and my walks at the pace of slow jogging. I never feel like I can trust it since the time shown on the app and the audio notifications are always a few seconds off, but I don’t feel like that alone would account for such a huge mismatch in my paces. So I have no objective way of measuring my relative speed during the sprints, as usual actually.

Though one thing I do like about runkeeper is I was able to listen to audible instead of music which was nice.

Next up, zombies 5K week 5.

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