Exercise Improves Body Image, Even Without Changes in Body Size/Shape

Posted: September 2, 2015 in SCIENCE!
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Fit is a Feminist Issue mentioned in their recent link roundup a study that shows that exercise improves body image, regardless of changes to the body.

So looks like research backs up my own personal experiences here!

I’ve been saying for awhile that working out makes me feel better about my body that isn’t based on any specific physical change to my body.

In the study participants were measured for body size and shape and body image, then underwent a 2 week program that included 3 40 minute sessions each week of moderate intensity cardio exercise and then measured for body size and shape and body image after. This was compared with another 2 week program with reading rather than exercise. The results showed that even without changes in body weight/size, participants had higher measures of body image after the 2 weeks of exercise (and not the 2 weeks of reading).

So the study did not measure how low intensity, strength training, or less than 40 minute workout sessions impact body image, but anecdotally I have found that lifting benefits my body image.

Of course for myself I actually not been feeling very good about my body recently. Maybe need more exercise? lol.

  1. 22dominique says:

    Please maintain this thought process and the body you’ve always wanted will just naturally appear. Like you say that doesn’t have to mean in the physical sense but a body you love

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