Vibrating Bras for Bigger Breasts

Posted: September 7, 2015 in Body Image
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Image says: If tomorrow, women woke up and decided they really liked their bodies, just think how many industries would go out of business. -Dr. Gail Dines

A page I follow on facebook shared a link about some guy who developed a vibrating bra that was demonstrated to actually increase a woman’s breast size, I believe it said 1 cup size in 1 week.

Unsure if this was meant to be serious I googled this… I’m not sure about this dude who apparently just invented this because this is a real thing and numerous products for this already exist. So I just wasted a bit of time looking at a bunch of different breast enhancement devices- there are vibrating bras, vibrating things you put inside your bra (both of which sound more like sex toys to me, but are marketed not for being pleasurable but for increasing breast size), weird looking rolling massagers designed specifically for use on breasts again marketed for increasing breast size, weird suction cup things, and of course all sorts of creams and pills.

All of which I feel fairly confident do not even work.

Of course I have now convinced amazon and google that I am seriously considering buying these products, so I know what ads I’ll be seeing a lot of online now!

Most of these products look just absolutely hilarious, so I’m laughing quite a bit looking at these things and thinking “people actually buy this!?!” Then I remember, yes, people actually buy these, and feel rather sad. As ridiculous as they look and sound, they exist because there are people who will buy them. People are taught to hate their bodies so much that no matter how ridiculous the product, any small bit of hope for “fixing” all those flaws, and finally being happy with your body seems worth it.

It makes me sad to think of how much money is wasted on hating our bodies instead of actually doing something that really does make us happy. I know I’ve wasted more money that I would ever care to think about on things that promised to fix flaws with my body.

And this is hardly limited to vibrating bras, and breast massagers promising larger breasts. There are so many products out there that exist for no other reason than to prey on our insecurities. I see all over social media the wraps- things that cling to your body and promise instant fat loss, and also can be used to make your boobs perkier, and they make your skin softer and clearer, give you a firmer, more lifted butt, et cetera. Pretty much anything you could possibly dislike about your body, I’m sure the sales people will tell you they do because all that matters if that you buy them! The same companies sell drinks and pills that they say will cause you to lose weight, creams to remove any “problems” with your skin, and pills that give thicker, smoother, silkier, longer, hair and stronger/longer nails.

I wish we could finally see a cultural revolution, where there was no longer any market for all these products that exist for no reason other than that we are taught to hate our bodies and prioritize “fixing” them over everything else. I want to just laugh at how ridiculous these products are, but it’s sad that there is such a market for body hatred.

  1. YES I like this blog, good job, thank you.

  2. curiosetta says:

    ‘If tomorrow women woke up and decided they really liked their bodies, just think how many industries would go out of business’

    1. Cosmetic surgery
    2. Feminism
    3. Sculpting/ padded underwear

    I can’t really think of any others TBH.

    • ebay313 says:

      Feminism isn’t an industry. There is no product to by to be a feminist. No product you need to buy to be happy with your body sold by Feminism Inc.

      I can think of a lot more businesses whose profits are based on women feeling unhappy with their bodies.

      • curiosetta says:

        Feminism is a billion dollar industry. Thousands of feminists have made entire careers out of pedalling feminist ideology. Just look at Anita Sarkeesian.

        Feminism has also greatly affected political policy channelling vast amount of taxpayer / charity money and resources in the direction of feminists, as well as preferential treatment (female quotas, female only scholarships etc).

        > I can think of a lot more businesses whose profits are based on women feeling unhappy with their bodies.

        Such as?

        • ebay313 says:

          Feminists having careers does not feminism a business.
          Charities and scholarships are also very much not businesses.
          Feminism also is not based entirely around body positivity and many of the things you mentions have absolutely no correlation to them. Anita Sarkeesian is known for talking about sexism in the gamining industry, not body positivity. Feminist advocacy for political policy is certainly not all directed at body positivity. I’m not awareof any bopo scholarships- do you actually know of any?
          So even if tomorrow every woman decided she truly loved her body exactly as is and also all people woke up no longer attacking the appearance of other’s bodies- realizing all the hopes of dreams of the body positive movement and making it essentially irrelevant as everyone would be acting in accordance with it… assuming everything else was the same, it would not be the end of feminism, it would not be the end of charities and scholarships.

    • makeup, hair removal, so many fashion magazines (not because people will begin to hate fashion but because they rely on advertising that comes from these industries), a good deal of reality tv would change drastically. Also feminism is a diverse shool of theoretical thought, not an industry, we disagree with each other to much to be able to sustain a cohesive business model and don’t actually sell anything.

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