Chronic Illness And Acute Illness

Posted: December 7, 2015 in Disability, Uncategorized
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I’ve been a bit MIA recently due to a cold that knocked me on my ass and still has me completely drained of what very little energy I usually have, even though it’s been over a month now. That along with the fact that my feet still hurt a lot, leaving me limping more often than not.

This is one thing I find that people who do not have chronic illnesses don’t often understand- the problems are not limited to the direct symptoms and issues related to one’s chronic illness, but combined with otherwise minor acute illnesses- colds, flus, et cetera, can become much more severe.

This is something I’m also running into with my job working with individuals with chronic illnesses, and advocating for them which means educating colleagues about the dangers to some of my clients in close quartered public spaces like shelters.

For me a cold or a flu when combined with my chronic illnesses tends to just mean that the cold or flu lasts a lot longer than usual, and exacerbates my typical fatigue and pain. Thankfully for me though, it doesn’t typically mean hospitalization or putting my life in dangers- but for many others it does mean that! For some of my clients it means that.

So with work I’ve been trying to advocate for procedures that take this into account for my severely ill clients, understanding that what might be unpleasant for a generally healthy adult, can be life threatening to them. And doing this has really highlighted for me how in so many ways people who do not live with chronic illnesses just don’t have to think about various things like this.


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