A Chronic Illness Chicken or Egg Question

Posted: January 23, 2016 in Disability, Uncategorized
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So I was feeling better recently and getting back to lifting and I started thinking about this issue….

I feel better when I work out.

Or I work out when I feel better.

Which is it?

Of course it is both, I do believe that working out can make me feel better. I also know that working out depends on how I feel, so I need to feel well enough to workout. But to say how much is a vs how much b is impossible for me to say. When I’m working out and feeling better physically… how much of me feeling better is because I’m working out? How much of my working out is because I just happen to be doing better physically at this time.


I don’t really have much more to say on this issue, but wanted to throw it out there. I was thinking about this recently and meaning to post about it and never got around to it until now. Which is a bit ironic that I’m posting it now since I’m actually feeling terrible because of a workout right now. I finally started Krav Maga but after the class I started coughing terribly and I’m still struggling with it more than a day later. I need to go see my doctor, it seems from my googlings and talking with others I might actually have a form of asthma. I’ve often had coughing fits that last hours after runs but I thought that was rather normal, maybe normal-normal, but at least not a problem. Turns out I might have been ignoring serious issues.

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