Pairing Up for Group Fitness

Posted: June 10, 2016 in Uncategorized
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One part of Krav Maga classes is that they almost always involve pairing up with a partner because you need that- having a target to hit and learning defenses you need someone to attack you.

This part of the classes however always causes me anxiety, and I’m starting to think now even more than I’ve admitted to myself.

Growing up I was fat, not very athletic, nor particularly poplar. So of course, back in elementary and middle school gym classes I was always picked last, and there was a cyclical aspect of this. I would get picked last, which made me think “why bother trying?”, and lead me to view most sport activities negatively.

I also still have a fear of no one wanting to be my partner for fitness activities.

On one hand, with time, I’m learning that pairing up for Krav Maga classes doesn’t have to be so scary for me. But it is still something that causes me a bit of anxiety.

I wish I had some great advice to add in here about how to get past this kind of anxiety for anyone else who might have it, but I don’t really have any great advice besides that it’s actually not so bad, and thus far everyone I have met and paired up with has been incredibly nice.

  1. G says:

    Sometimes it works to focus on what *you* bring to the pairing– i.e. if you grok a move that other people are working on, pair up to help out! or focus on your skills as a sparring partner. I hope you find a way to bring the anxiety down a notch, that would make the class definitely less fun.

    • ebay313 says:

      unfortunately for me right now I don’t think I really do bring anything to the pairing 😦 I’m still so new to it I don’t really know any of it well. But on that part I just keep mentally reminding myself that everyone starts somewhere and the only way to learn and get better is to do it.

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