No Fitness Month

Posted: July 23, 2016 in About Me, Uncategorized
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I am really struggling with this, essentially, no fitness thing.

According to my physical therapist I can’t walk more than necessary (I can walk for day to day needs, but not like, go out for a couple mile walk for extra activity), I can’t do Krav Maga, and I can’t lift heavy.

I can body weight and light weights so long as my foot doesn’t start hurting more when I do. But most things do cause it to hurt.
In theory I think I could do cycling or swimming since those don’t put impact on my heel. But I don’t have a functional bike or anywhere to swim at the moment.

Though at the moment I guess it’s not so hard given that’s it’s too hot to try moving at all in this weather! 😦

I hope this is all worth it. My foot does hurt less, but it’s always hurt mostly from walking/activity. So I don’t know if it’s “healing” like my physical therapist thinks it will, and after it heals I can go back to being active. Or if it’s just hurting less because I’m not using it and  as soon as I try to again, I’m right back where I was pain wise. Which makes it even harder. It would be easier to accept the lack of activity if I trusted it would pay off in the end. Right now, I’m a skeptic though.

  1. keen peach says:

    Ugh. The worst. Hope you are back on your foot soon. I know from experience though that you just have to wait it out and let it heal. Otherwise, you just keep having problems forever. When I can’t workout, or times like now where I can’t do much because I am about to pop pregnant, I work on my diet. That at least helps me to feel better about not being so active. Maybe see if that helps you mentally until you are back on your feet?
    Feel better soon!

    • ebay313 says:

      Thanks. Sadly I tend to feel the opposite about my diet, working out makes me more inclined to focus on eating better/fueling my body better.

  2. GlenysO says:

    I’m so sorry. I’ve been a life-long (since I was 10) intermittent plantar fascitis sufferer and at its worst it’s sooo painful, like can’t-walk painful. It’s happened to me both thin and fat. Latest spell has gotten better after a year long bout of it a few years ago. I just have to make sure I never run – I’d get this idea I wanted to become a runner, run once, and then be felled for 6 months with the plantar fascitis – or do really high impact exercise involving my feet. The elliptical helps with that. I do agree with your PT that rest is needed, at least for a while. I sympathize because I really rely on exercise to keep my mood stable. Did they recommend icing? Did they give you the little band to wear around your arch? I did find that helped a few years ago, although when I gained weight it felt a little too tight on my foot and then wouldn’t stay in place and wasn’t as helpful. I have other foot problems so I understand feet sorrows! I hope yours feels better soon.

    • ebay313 says:

      She did recommend icing. Once I stayed doing it more often (10 minutes or longer 3 to 6 times a day) it does seem to help, but it’s hard to say if it’s the ice or the rest.
      She didn’t recommend compression sleeves but I had some before I’ve been using intermittently.

      I’m still hoping to be able to run again :/ I’m not ready to meet go of that hope yet. B

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