The deceptive allure of home exercise programs — Fit Is a Feminist Issue

Posted: November 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

I think this is a really interesting topic, my comment on this post:

“I wonder too about the cause and effect for home fitness program users- I know one reason in the past (and sometimes present) I’ve been attracted to it is not just the ability to do it at home, anytime, but also the privacy and fear of looking stupid in front of other people at a gym or fitness class.

It’s interesting, I have a whole home gym set up in my basement for lifting and yet, since joining a commercial gym (initially only for the pool while recovering from foot injuries), I find it in some ways easier to get to the gym and workout than workout at home as counter intuitive as that is. Part of it is that I get to swim after lifting at the gym so that incentivizes me. There are also all the gym features that try to make it feel luxurious, which do make the experience feel like one of pampering over duty sometimes (I’m in love with getting to end workouts with a soak in a hot tub and/or some time in the steam room). And there is the factor of just being away from the stress of home that is relaxing, compared to working out in my basement where workouts are often in between doing laundry, with reading for school during my rests between sets. So working out has the “flexibility” of being able to do laundry and school work between sets and exercises, but it has the downside of not being the same quality me-time, time just for taking care of myself, that going out to a gym is.”

It’s interesting is that in many ways I think the very benefits of home workouts can be the downsides of home workouts

+ pivacy

– you don’t get out of your comfort zone and learn to be ok working out in front of others, and seeing that everyone else isn’t as perfect at it as you imagine

+you can do it anytime

-it’s easier to put off, “I’ll do it later” until later never comes because you ran out of time, because you aren’t on a schedule

+you can do it right at home, don’t need childcare, et cetera!

– you don’t take time just to take care of yourself, workouts are interspersed with the regular needs and stresses of home life such as taking care of kids, doing chores, et cetera.

Which isn’t to say the pluses aren’t really positives, because I thinkt they are and totally have a benefit and a place.

Yesterday Samantha posted about the real life secrets of aging athletes. And truer words were never spoken– as we get older, we have to pay closer attention to all the things that can limit the felicitous functioning of our bodies. When I was in my 20s, I could ignore the needs of sleep, nutritious food, […]

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