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So I mentioned before that I am following stronglifts 5×5.

I’m fairly early on but so far love it and would definitely recommend it. So far I am liking having specific guidelines for increasing weights. And just used the app for the first time and like the timer for rests between sets.

This post really though is mainly for me, I realized I should keep track of my starting point so I can see better how far I’ve come with it later on, and figured I would post here to help me keep track and let others in on my eventual progress as well!

Starting weights:

Squat: 100lbs

Bench Press: 75lbs

Barbell Row: 95lbs

Overhead Press: 55lbs

Deadlift: 180lbs


Ok, so I figured that maybe I should go ahead and give some background info on me when it comes to fitness stuff and what I’m doing now.


Ya know, I started writing out a long thing about the past years and what exercises I focused on when as best I could remember. And realized that there has been one overarching theme for the past about 7 years- I exercise for awhile, then health gets really bad and I have to take a break, then once I’m feeling better I exercise again and the cycle repeats. Making it very hard to see lasting improvements.

But I have been on an off working out for awhile. I’m not really brand new to it. I’ve done lots of cardio in the past, some yoga.

I’ve done the couch to 5K program several times. For awhile every time I would get toward the end I would become anemic again (which when severe bring with it tachycardia and chest pain and does not make running or exercise in general a safe plan). So again- hard to see consistent improvement, after I’d feel safe running again, I’d be back to starting at the beginning.

A few years back in college when I had access to the gym there I learned about New Rules of Lifting for Women by Lou Schuler. Bought that book, read it, and started the workout plan in it. That was my first real introduction to lifting. By now you should know the story there- health issue got in the way and I never finished the plan all the way through.

And after college I didn’t have access to a gym for lifting anymore, and no money to join one, so I was limited to a few dumbbells I had at home at that was it. Throughout that time one of my goals was to have access to barbells and weights again to get back into lifting because I loved it when I was doing it.

In November I moved into a house that has enough space to set up a home gym. It took me a few months to get all my basics covered. First I got a bench. Then I found someone on craigslist selling a olympic barbell set- olympic barbell, ez curl bar, 435lbs worth of weight plates, and a rack for the plates. It was still awhile then before I could get together the money for my power rack. But now I have a nice little home gym. I’d love to add some more to it-especially kettlebells. But I have the basics I need. So now I’m able to get back into lifting- woohoo!

For the first while back at lifting I was basically making up my own workouts. I just now decided to give stronglifts 5×5 a try. Of course my goal is to work in a few other exercises too and I’m also working on running in between lifting days. So that is kind of the plan I am trying to follow right now. We’ll see how it works.


I figured I should maybe give some info into that. If I talk about my current plan it kind of sounds like I just started all this, but I don’t feel brand new to things like lifting, even if I am far from an expert, because I did start years ago, I just ended up having to stop and just started back.


I’ll talk more about my experiences with these plans in upcoming posts I’m planning. Including a post on how different plans have worked out for me in terms of time commitment and with health issues- since that is obviously an ongoing struggle for me is how to stay consistent with workouts even when my health problems flair up.