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My “guns” may not look impressive, but I was feeling strong regardless 🙂

I really like blogging about my runs after I do them. Strangely though, while I like lifting more, I don’t talk about it as much here. For some reason I just rarely have much to say about my lifting workouts.

So that said: bench workout today! got up to 90lbsx5. which felt good. Did some assistance stuff too. … see, normally this is all I would have to say.

The only thing I have to say about lifting today though is that I’ve been thinking about resting. I know that I should not compare myself to others and so on, but I do sometimes. On fitocracy I see other people do these crazy long lifting workouts- well, they seem crazy long to me at least. And yet, even the shortest lifting workout for me takes forever to get through. 2 squat workouts ago all I did was the basic part of my program with no assistance lifting. Which meant I did a brief warmup (I’ve been doing jumping jacks and body weight squats), then 3 sets of warm up weight barbell squats, then 3 working sets (5 resp, 3 reps, and 1 rep respectively)… well, I take that back, I actually did 4 because the 200lbsx1 felt good enough that I decided to do it twice, then just a short bit of stretching and foam rolling. Still that took me somewhere around 45 minutes. Changing plates and resting between sets adds up (and it actually depends how I’m feeling whether I decided to count the changing plate time as part of my rest time or not).

I also sometimes get antsy during rests between sets because I just want to lift. I also know I could fit in more if I supersetted stuff instead of literally just resting between sets. But that also means I would be getting less actual rest.

And the thing is, I can tell I lift better when I get enough rest between sets though. If I don’t rest long enough I will end up failing sets, which will result in less strength, which will result in not lifting as heavy over time. Which is not my goal.

I’ve been asking myself- do I just rest longer than other people? Though between sets my rests are 90 seconds to 5 minutes depending how heavy/hard the last lift was, which from what I’ve read is not unusual for heavy lifting.

Basically I find myself mentally caught between what I know helps me meet my goals, and envy over other people who manage these really long looking workouts that would probably take all day.

Of course I can never help but wonder how much my health may play a role in this. Dealing with fatigue issues as I do, it seems entirely plausible to me that rest between sets is more important for me, or that I do need to err on the higher side of rest times because of that. I can’t say for certain if that is a factor, but it seems very possible to me that it would be.

So I just have to work though to remember that whatever the reason, I know rest for me is important for lifting heavier.

After my bench workout today I also did sprints. Not immediately after. I changed clothes because my lifting clothes aren’t good running clothes, drank a protein shake, put on music and danced around my living room while my phone charged up a bit more. Then I went out to do sprints. It was raining when I went out but not heavily and I thought “I’m not going to let a little rain stop me!”

So- holy shit it has been over a month since I’ve done sprints!

I could feel it, I was obviously not used to it. I did the same intervals I’ve been doing- 5 minute warm up walk, (30 second sprint, 2 minutes walking) 6 times, 5 minutes cool down walk.

So first run interval, I went all the fuck out! And hurt my shoulder, apparently I was moving my arms too much. And remembered that I normally don’t go so all out on the first sprint so I still have energy for the others.

Rain was getting heavier and I ended up with rain water in my eye and OH GOD IT BURNED!!!!! The fuck is the rain? Normally I would have blamed it on makeup or something but I was wearing none. Maybe sweat but I get sweat dripping in my eyes during workouts all the time, my sweat does not burn my eyes.

Second sprint was slower but still trying to give it my all.

Third sprint I was exhausted.

Rain was still getting heavier.

Fourth sprint I felt dead. Just trying to walk after  was difficult. Also took off my glasses since they were no longer serving any purpose in that rain (though I hate running without them because I cannot see well and it makes me nervous because I easily would not be able to see a dip, hole, or bump in the sidewalk.)

Fifth sprint was quite slow, but I was so exhausted. By the end of that I was really struggling to keep down my protein shake.

Sixth sprint was just a touch faster than the 5th but still slow. Then I got to walk the rest of the way home.

Nothing to exciting, but yay sprints! Though I need to get around to setting up a runkeeper workout with distance based intervals instead of time, because I do prefer to measure in distance.

Oh, and my plan for tomorrow is to go to a local running group, which I am a bit nervous about. Hope it goes well! I will definitely post about how it goes (crossing my fingers something doesn’t cause me to miss it). I get really anxious about things like this. Especially combining two thing that make me feel anxious-meeting up with a group of strangers, and working out around/with other people.


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Tonight was another run after lifting day. OHP today- I feel like it only works if it’s after a bench or OHP workout because it’s different muscles and bench and OHP don’t typically leave me as overall tired after as squats or deadlifts.

Though I took some time to rest between so it wasn’t all together.

This week it feel like I’ve ever had a “whoo I can do all the things today!” feeling, or been too ill to get out of bed at all, with no in between. Not that my “do all the things!” days have even been remarkably productive, but… this happens from time to time and it’s really frustrating. Even though I’ve been up since early morning, I’m still up and it’s early morning now because after doing random errands and job applications today, I felt like I could totally still get in OHP and sprints before bed. And it’s hard to not want to take advantage of that feeling while it lasts, but then it’s not really great long term since it throws me off for tomorrow.

Anyways… sprints. Well before sprints I headed outside to deal with some wasps in my yard while it was dark. After that I did a little bit of stretching outside, while Blake watched me from the window.

Runkeep annoys me a lot- I started it off and after a few minutes of walking looked at the time and realized it was counting my distance but not time! So I stopped and restarted it, meaning I did a longer warmup walk than planned. My first sprint felt awkward because my feet were hurting a lot today before the run but I decided to go anyways, but after a bit I got used to it. By the second sprint I felt like my form was much better than usual for sprints, it felt much more natural and I felt like I was going faster than normal for me. Third sprint I was a bit distracted by the fact that I got a notification for the sprint right after walking pasted a police car and started to worry the officer was going to chase me down for being suspicious for breaking into a run right after walking past their car lol. That did not happen though. 4th sprint I was starting to get tired and my walking interval after was more of a crawl pace. 5th sprint was much slower as I was still tired, and I was thinking 6 sprints is 2 too many. 6th sprint went better than 5 though since it’s easier when I can remind myself it’s the last one. The sprints are actually supposed to be faster each time but I suck at judging % effort for running so I end up going all out for the first several and having almost nothing left in the tank for the ending ones.

I got back home did some quick stretching outside again. After coming in and shocking runkeeper though, I realized that it totally messed up on recording my pace for sprints and walks- it had my sprints as the pacing of slow walking and my walks at the pace of slow jogging. I never feel like I can trust it since the time shown on the app and the audio notifications are always a few seconds off, but I don’t feel like that alone would account for such a huge mismatch in my paces. So I have no objective way of measuring my relative speed during the sprints, as usual actually.

Though one thing I do like about runkeeper is I was able to listen to audible instead of music which was nice.

Next up, zombies 5K week 5.

So today was sprints. Same layout as I’ve been using: 5 minute warm up walk, *30 second springt, 2 minute walk* repeat 6 times, 5 minute cool down walk (or longer depending how long it takes me to get back to my house). I might switch over to distance based sprints though. I am looking forward to an interval function on zombies run- though I can’t get the main app to download on my phone at the moment :-\ Keeps telling me I don’t have enough space on the phone. No idea why I should not have space though.

Spent awhile fooling around with that on my phone so actually ended up with another daylight run, sort of. By the time I got out it was just starting to get light out.

Sprints weren’t particularly interesting in any way. Though I’ve noticed my vibrams are starting to fall apart. Going to need to new ones soon. Too many things I need to buy, and yet I have no money to buy any of those things. Being broke sucks.

Not sure it might be related to that but I also have a bunch of blisters from sprints today 😦

This past week has been a bit cardio heavy for me, lol. Since it was a deload week I added some box jumps to my first lifting workout, then an evil 8 complex at the end of my second (combined deloads into 2 instead of 4 workout), in addition obviously to my last run and these sprints. All of these being interval work (last run less so than the rest though). I like doing these with my deloads, since I don’t want to do much in terms of heavy lifting since the point of a deload is a rest from that, but I still want to feel like I got in a decent workout. A complex or some form of HIIT is a nice way to feel like I got a workout that doesn’t involve heavy lifting.

Next up, “week 4” of zombies 5K. Runs get longer and a bit more complicated.

Week 4 runs will start with 5 minutes of walking, then 5 minutes running, then *10 knee lifts (I’ll probably skip those again), 1 minute slow walking, 1 minute fast walking* repeat 5 times, then *1 minute walking, 30 seconds running* repeat 5 times, and then a 15 minute free form run.

Which all in all is less running and more walking than week 3 was.  Longer free form run of course.

Sprints Ramblings

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Obviously my runs are still not as frequent as I planned. Oops.

So I went outside to go run some sprint intervals, opened my runkeeper app and discovered that my previous saved sprint style workouts were not there and I couldn’t remember what my usual sprint plans looked like, it’s been awhile since I’ve done them clearly. So I spent a few minutes trying to think of what an appropriate length for the intervals would be. I was thinking 30 second sprints but decided since I’ve been doing 15 second jog intervals with the zombies 5k training, even though with those 15 seconds feels ridiculously short, I would just stick with that. Given that the 5K training involves slow jogs, not sprints, I upped the walking intervals between, and planned to do about half the intervals of the week 1 5K training runs. Of course I usually prefer distance based intervals over time based intervals, but time based make it easier to plan how long it will take me and I was trying to keep it quick today.

I worried the intervals I went with wouldn’t be intense enough but figured I didn’t need to be super intense today. Especially since I had some caffeine in a drink earlier and since I typically avoid caffeine I have a strong reaction to it and my heart rate was noticeably elevated from that, and without a heart rate monitor I sometimes get a little overly cautious about such things. Times like this I really wish I had a heart rate monitor again. Eventually when I have spare money I’ll get a new one.

Ended up that the 15 second sprints with 2 minutes walks after caffeine was intense enough for me today. I didn’t get as far as I thought and decided instead of going anywhere else I would just circle around my block again after I was coming around the first time. Then I accidentally hit the stop bottom near my house and decided to just go ahead and call the run quits even sooner than the already short run I had planned.

Extra short works for my today since I did this after my bench workout and really should be in be already! So very short sprint workout.

Even though it was super short it was really fun! I actually forgot how fun I find sprints. My normal run workouts I really don’t look forward to. And they can be enjoyable in their own way… but not really that fun. Sprint intervals are fun though! I really like running as fast as I can for a short distance.

According to the interval breakdowns by runkeeper my sprints were slower than usual, but that wouldn’t be surprising. Of course it’s hard to know how accurate that is because I find that the voice notification for intervals is several seconds off from the time the app shows. Often I look at the time on the app to avoid that, but this time I didn’t feel like it so I went by the voice, which means if the app counts from the time it displays I was walking for the first few seconds of sprints and running for the first few seconds of the walks. Maybe that is part of the next part too them because what really surprised me was that my walks were getting faster according to the breakdown, which normally with sprints they do they opposite, after each I am more exhausted and my walking gets slower.

Um… so those are my thoughts from my sprints today! Maybe I can remind myself how fun sprints are and use them as more motivation to get through my 3 regular training runs quicker so I can get to sprints again! lol.

Oh, before I go, I just looked it up and when I used timed intervals, one of my preferred interval segments is 30 second sprints with 2 minute walks* (and has you increasing your sprint speed each sprint interval). Maybe I will use that one again next time.

*well, I walk. People who are better runners jog the slow intervals. I’ll try that one day, but for now I’ll stick with walking for my slow intervals 🙂