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Post-Its Challenge Update

Posted: July 28, 2014 in Post-It Challenge

So I’m still doing the postit thing. But I don’t think I will post them on here anymore. It’s starting to make me feel vain and conceited sharing them, which isn’t the point. So hopefully the few I did share maybe inspired or will inspire some folks to try something similar and learn to see themselves more positive, but from here out I think I will keep mine to myself ūüôā

So I’ve gotten a bit behind on posting my post-its, so here are 3 post its.

Day 4:

I love my STRONG legs!

I love my STRONG legs!

I’ve always liked my legs in appearance, and I love even more adding muscle and seeing what they are capable of. My squat is up to 145 lbs (5 sets of 5 reps), btw. So I’d say my legs can do some pretty cool things!

Day 5:

I deserve people in my life who truly care about me.

I deserve people in my life who truly care about me.

Ok, so this one is a little different than the others. I’m letting this “challenge” be an organic thing for me. The goal of this, again, is to recondition my brain towards positive thinking and self-love. Most of these have been about things I like about myself and my life- focusing on the positive to drown out the negative. For day 5 though, this seemed like what was most important that I remind myself of and focus on. While it isn’t about the positive in my life right now, per se, it’s a reminder and reaffirmation that I deserve positives in my life.

And I need to remind myself that what I truly deserve, is people who actually care about me. This stems from stuff in my personal life at the moment, I’ve somewhat recently made some big changes in my life and big changes in who is in my life. Sometimes I feel bad and down about letting to of¬†negative people, and so I need to remember this. I need to remember that what I deserve is people who care about me, and so there is no reason to feel in any way negative about letting go of people who don’t.

Day 6:

I am very intelligent

I am very intelligent

It comes as a surprise to some people that I don’t often feel this way. Because most people who know me wold easily describe me as such, and I have two degrees and am working on my PhD- I surely don’t need reaffirmation of this, right?

What most people don’t know is that I’m mildly¬†dyslexic. Something that was not diagnosed when I was a kid. So I grew up with a lot of difficulties associated with dyslexia- trouble knowing right from left. Eventually I just memorized which hand has a small scar on it. I still, mostly out of habit these days, look for the scar on my hand when someone says right or left. In writing I would often mix up “d”s and “b”s or even more common for me was “b”s and “p”s. And when I tried learning Hebrew in college I had similar problems- I believe gimmel and zayin where two I had trouble with (I sadly don’t remember how to write in hebrew anymore).¬†I can look back now and realize that was just the dyslexia, but at the time, I remember when I made these mistakes getting looked at as if I was stupid, or sometimes directly asked if I was. And I really internalized that and spent a long time thinking that whenever I was doing well in school or the like it was just because people felt bad for me and were afraid to tell me how stupid I really was.

Which is also an important lesson in how you can never tell from the outside what people are struggle with internally.

My day 3 post-it:


I have beautiful eyes!


Or as a friend once described them-I have “expressive” eyes.


ok, so the color is photoshopped here, but still.

I thought today I should go back to the original idea of the post-it challenge- positive things about your appearance. And I’ve always really liked my eyes overall. Though if I overthink it I start thinking “I with my eyes were bluer” or “I wish my eyes were greener” (my eyes are a shade in between blue and green that can look very blue or very green depending on the lighting), or “my eyes are too small”, or “my eyes get too squinty when I smile”, heck at one time I was frustrated because my eyelids ¬†seemed too fat to me. Yeah, the thing Daria made fun of for being so ridiculous, but I honestly felt that way.

Despite having long felt my eyes are one of my best features, stopping the negative nitpicking in my brain is still hard.

That all said, writing this post-it, and especially posting it here, felt a bit awkward to me for a few reasons.

First off I feel vain. So I had to remind myself the point of this. This is about¬†neuroplasticity. About retraining my brain to see the positive, to cultivate self love, to work to put a stop to all the negative thinking I mentioned above. And I’m posting these online, here on my blog, for two main reasons;¬†the biggest reason is to hopefully inspire some other folks to try this out and come up with things you love about yourself, and the second is to keep me on track with doing this. If I have to post it here then I have to do it everyday.

Also I feel like it’s wrong to go with something about my eyes, since “pretty eyes” is such a stereotypical fat girl compliment, right? “She’s fat, but she has pretty eyes!” Pretty eyes feels like the go to thing to compliment, about other or ourselves, when we don’t find the body attractive. So it feels like a bullshit thing to do for this. But as I said above, even when it comes to my eyes I still find things to nitpick about how they aren’t perfect. So it should still be fair game to include in a challenge that is meant to focus on the positive and stop the negative thinking.

Also- I’m allowed to like my eyes, dammit! And I can like my eyes and my body too, so it’s not weaseling out.

Ok, Day 2 of my post-it challenge. I may have veered a little off the topic of things I like about myself, but this was something I was thinking about and wanted to remind myself of, because sometimes I forget.

post-it day 2

I have some amazing friends!

(Blurred out for the purposes of this post but I also wrote the names of some friends on there, to remind me of some of the awesome people around me.)

Ok, so I was watching¬†The Militant Baker’s Ted Talk¬†and she mentions a post-it challenge- posting something you like about yourself or an affirmation. So I’m basing this only her talk, I don’t know if there is already an established plan with a length to it, but right now I’m just going to do this everyday for an unspecified length of time.

I’m making a slight adjustment to this- I’m not limiting myself to things I like about my body, but things I like about myself and positive things about my life in general.

So here is my Day 1 Post-It:


I love my curves!

And to add to this, going to throw in a photo that I particularly like in terms of my curves: